{{indexmenu_n>600}} ====== Training ====== {{ :start:eindhoven_buildings_schema.png?direct&250|}} To ensure successful preparation for the tender, a number of training sessions will be held. Attending one or more of these training sessions will leave parties better equipped to prepare tender documents and form cooperations to develop integrated plans. In this way, maximum value can be provided to Eindhoven, the contracting authority, and changes to win the contract are improved simultaneously. The training focuses to three topics that are of prime interest to the quality of the proposal and its eventual execution. These topics are dealt with in the following courses: The following courses are offered: * [[Natural Step]], a consistent way to understand and apply the fundamentals of sustainability * [[Best Value Procurement]], a method to evidence quality leadership in a tender * [[Energy lab]], the key success factor to an integral project approach and keeping an innovation focus

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