Energiewerkplaats by SBRCURnet in collaboration with different experts

The workshops are demand-driven organized and the program will be tailor-made. It is possible to direct your questions to The questions as submitted, are the foundation for further development of the sessions. This makes it possible to reflect the issues you are facing in your team. These questions may include, for example, the formation of the consortium and the contractual documents that are required.

The necessary experts are present and the environment in which the workshops are held, will make it possible to directly implement the knowledge. With Energiewerkplaats we provide you the knowledge you need for a successful application.

Attending once or more of these training sessions will leave parties better equipped to submit documents and form collaborations to come together and develop integrated plans.

Date and location: This will be determined in consultation
Registration: If you want to register for the Energy lab, please send an email to
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