Best Value Procurement

Best Value Procurement A training by Scenter

Performance-based selling is the response to performance-based procurement, the new approach to calls for tenders and concluding successful contracts. The training course looks at the principles of performance-based selling. The philosophy of performance-based procurement can be viewed as a paradigm shift. The success of this shift relies not only on knowledge and insight into the theory; it is also largely dependent on a change in attitude and behaviour. During this workshop, we start to develop the knowledge, attitude and skills that go with the philosophy of performance-based selling. The focus is on what is expected of contractors in terms of commitment and being pro-active. This workshop looks at the methodology which is briefly put into practise using the following elements:

  • Working with performance-based information (from input to output)
  • What is your expertise and your proposition?
  • Risks outside your sphere of influence and how to manage them
  • Identifying potential opportunities
Date: At this moment there are no dates available
Location: Stadhuis Eindhoven, Stadhuisplein 1, 5611 EM Eindhoven
Registration: If you want to register for the training Best Value Procurement, please send an email to duurzamegebouwen and indicate which date you prefer.
There are max. 12 places per training available.
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