{{indexmenu_n>100}} ====== Sustainable buildings ====== {{ :start:eindhoven_buildings_schema.png?direct&250|}} //The smart way towards sustainable municipal buildings// Eindhoven aims to be an energy-neutral city by 2045. This is an important driver for making the municipality's own buildings more sustainable and thereby more energy-efficient. To this end, a call for tenders is being prepared by means of a formal market consultation. The market consultation focusses to a web-based ‘call for outline proposals’, i.e. a call to market parties to submit innovative ideas to determine the scope and set-up of the tender. Eindhoven has received nearly 200 ideas and profiles from interested parties. The tender aims to stimulate the cooperation between these parties and the integration of their innovative ideas into proposals to be submitted in the tender phase. The [[public/call_for_tenders/start]] has been published on [[https://www.tenderned.nl/tenderned-web/aankondiging/detail/samenvatting/akid/362674f6a855da62eabd6a2043557eaf/cid/425360|TenderNed]] on July 16, 2014. ===== European cooperation ===== In 2012 the Municipality of Eindhoven joined the European project ‘Smart Procurement European Alliance’ (SPEA), together with partner cities Birmingham and [[public/european_cooperation/barcelona|Barcelona]]. In the SPEA project the three cities work together on the challenge to accelerate the adoption of energy-efficient technologies through smarter procurement. See also -> [[public/european_cooperation/start]] {{ :public:140512_folder_engels.png?direct&740 | Click to enlarge}} ===== Main steps ===== In preparation for the tender phase, the project 'The smart way towards sustainable municipal buildings' went through different phases. The main steps in the project can be explored through the links below, but can also be accessed through the links in the menu on the left side of this page: * [[public:introduction:start]] * [[public:exploration_days:start]] * [[public:outline_proposals:start]] * [[public:process_information_session:start]] * [[public:matchmaking:start]] * [[public:training:start]] * [[public:call_for_tenders:start]]

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