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Indoor Air Quality and Energy Savings

AddressLuchthavenweg 81, 5657 EA, Eindhoven, nederland
ContactJeroen Posthumus, Director, jeroen.posthumus@ionair.com
Line of industryConsulting and Design services; Welfare
Area of expertiseSustainability; Installations
Size51-250 employees

Role of company/organisation

The expertise of ionair is to ensure the best available indoor air quality against lowest possible energy usage. With our world wide experience we support our customers to realize the most comfortable, hygiënic and sustainable buildings in the world.

Opportunities for collaboration

Our expertise is in dynamic supply air ionization. We applied our technique in more than 6.000 installations/buildings world wide in the past 20 years. The dynamic supply air ionization technology is new for the dutch market. We want to share our knowledge with suppliers, engineering companies, installers and of course customers within a close cooperation. When ionair takes part the mechanical ventilated buildings from Eindhoven will evolve in very clean, comfortable and hygienic buildings. Employees and visitors will directly benefit from better indoor air quality. The second advantage is that the energy consumption for air treatment can very dramatically reduced. Normally 50% of the total energy consumption of a building is caused by air treatment (heating, cooling and ventilation).

Description of idea

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Ionair can help realizing the sustainability ambitions of city Eindhoven: Eindhoven sustainable city: Almost 30% of the total energy use in the Netherlands is caused by buildings. 50% of the energy use of a building is related to indoor air quality / HVAC installations: heating, cooling and ventilation. By optimizing the indoor air quality by dynamic supply air ionization, the indoor air becomes clean, hygiënic and odourless. As a result, HVAC system-solutions can be optimized which results in up to 50% lower energy consumption of a building. Creating value for Stadhuisplein and surroundings: The indoor air climate in buildings like the Stadhuisplein can remain under any circumstance fresh, hygiënic and healthy. Employees will directly benefit from a better indoor air quality in terms of comfort, absenteism and productivity, but also visitors. A building with a very high indoor air quality with half of the energy consumption of a comparable building. A comfortable and healthy surrounding and workplace. Making innovation visible: The ionair solutions continuously measure different air quality parameters such as indoor air quality, outdoor air quality, intensity of the system, etc. Those parameters are transmitted to the Building Management System or our own DataCenter (for external control). These parameters are ready to integrate and present on any kind of device like for example on a TV screen at the entrance of the building, mobile devices, etc.

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Type of ideaproduct
Category of ideatechnical; design
Enabling conditionsTogether with the engineering company / HVAC-designer that is appointed by City Eindhoven, we will work out the best available indoor air quality. Ionair doesn't deliver HVAC systems, but only Air Quality Systems that are integrated in the existing HVAC system or new planned HVAC system.

Stage of development

Proven innovation: it has been used in practice on a small scale.

Substantiation stage of development

We produce our systems since 1993. Today more than 6.000 installations are active all around the world in different kind of buildings / areas. Ionair established since half of 2013 in The Netherlands, and so our technology is new and unknown here. We have a lot of independent measurements and different type of applications for creating real clean air and energy savings.

Provability contribution to sustainability

Proven contribution to sustainability; this has been shown in practice.

Step in the right direction

Energy savings: 50% of the energy consumption of the buildings of City Eindhoven is caused by air conditioning (read: heating, cooling, ventilating, humidifying of the attracted out door air for indoor purpose). This high energy usage is mainly caused by the diluting effect. With ionair ventilation with outdoor air can be optimized and indoor air can be re-used. An energy saving of 20 to 50% is normal with ionair. A payback time of 1 to 3 years is standard. Quality and comfort: ionair guarantees a very high indoor air quality under any circumstance. A high indoor air quality improves the comfort, makes buildings healthier, improves productivity and reduces absenteism. Employees will love to work in a healthy and clean environment.

Flexible idea

1) In fact the ionair system can now already be installed in the existing HVAC situation. So energy saving and comfort can start now. When renovation starts, the system can be installed in the new situation. 2) The solution saves energy 3) The solution improved comfort, hygiene and health 4) The system doesn't use chemicals 5) The solution is sustainable. Some systems already run for more than 20 years now.

Good investment

Financial: Normal ROI (return on investment) is 1 to 3 years by the saving of energy. We make an economic study in front of every project. Quality: The improved indoor air quality will keep employees healthier and gives more comfort. We can give reference letters of customers, or hand over independant measurements of the improved indoor air quality when needed.


We would like to present in more detail our solution when there is an opportunity. We wish you very good luck with this project! Thank for your attention.

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