~~META: creator = ARCADIS Nederland, Ryan van de Ven &description abstract = (ID:086) acts as the system integrator, the so called Place manager ~~ ====== (ID:086) acts as the system integrator, the so called Place manager====== ** ARCADIS Nederland ** \\ // ARCADIS is the leading global natural and built asset design and consultancy firm working in partnership with our clients to deliver exceptional and sustainable outcomes through the application of design, consultancy, engineering, project and managmentservices. ARCADIS differentiates through its talented and passionate people and its unique combination of capabilities covering the whole asset life cycle, its deep market sector insights and its ability to integrate health and safety and sustainability into the design and delivery of solutions across the globe. We 22, 000 people thate generate 2.5 billion euroin revenues. // ^ Address|Piet Mondriaanlaan 26, 3800 AE, Amersfoort, Nederland | ^ URL|www.arcadis.nl | ^ Contact|Ryan van de Ven, Sectorleader Public, <[email protected]> | ^ Line of industry|Contracting; Consulting and Design services; Maintenance services; Financial services; Research; Government; Real estate; Welfare; Other, engineering, project- and programmanagement, contracting, procurement services, spacial planning, urban developmentmanagement, ed. | ^ Area of expertise|Design; Construction; Sustainability; Power generation and conversion; Maintenance; Transport; Installations, (fire) safety and security, procurement, building policies and regulations, urban development, financial engineering and costmanagement, management of maintenance and operations | ^ Size|more than 1000 employees | ===== Role of company/organisation===== Our proposition is that ARCADIS acts as the system integrator, the so called Place manager. We propose the establishment of a Place manager. This is a organisation, by ARCADIS, which manages the entire plan over a long term. The organisation is a Place maker. It is a private organisation that integrates the ideas, projects, plans ed of private and public partners. ARCADIS has all the competences for this role of Place manager, it is a dedicated organisation. The Place manager Organisation has a common interest ===== Opportunities for collaboration===== In our proposition, the core task of the place management organisation (ARCADIS) is to integrate all networks, ideas, project, programs, knowledge, experiences of the public and private parties involved. As basis for a sustainable transformation of the pilot area the Place management Organisation will also manage and integrate the investments, the maintenance and operations, and the value streams and value chains. ===== Description of idea===== <WRAP box right minwidth:33%> <userpoll Rating> + ****** + **** + ** </userpoll> <WRAP centeralign> Please rate this idea! \\ Click on **Vote and view** to see the results. </WRAP> </WRAP> Our proposition of a Place management Organisation is the ultimate way of giving the reponsibility to the private sector. The municipality of Eindhoven is in charge by defining the assignment to the Place Management Organisation and describing the premises, the required results and outcomes. The municipality can (partially) withdraw and she only has to facilitate this. This will be a excellent example of the municipality in setting the new role and functions of the (local) government. The municipality can define the sustainable and energysaving targets as conditions to the contract with the Place making Organisation. The same applies to the conditions of making innovation visible and creating value for Stadhuisplein. The municipality can monitor and control the operations of the Place making Organisation through their membership of the Supervisory Board. ^ Illustrating file|{{public:outline_proposals:subdata:proposals:illustrations:86-q24-arcadis_proposal_smart_sustainability_eindhoven_23012014.pdf?400&direct|ARCADIS proposal Smart Sustainability Eindhoven 23012014.pdf}}| ^ Type of idea|combination of product and service| ^ Category of idea|work flow; financial| ^ Enabling conditions|The municipality of Eindhoven is a professional principal. She shall describe the aims and conditions for a succesfull longterm development. These will be part of the assignment to ARCADIS. For the success of the Place making Organisation it is important that she has a good start. Therefor she needs entrance to the functional, technical and financial data of the buildings and the area. If there are other owners of buildings involved, than the same will be required from them.| ===== Stage of development===== Proven innovation: it has been used in practice on a small scale. ===== Substantiation stage of development===== Our idea of a PMO is relatively new on the scale like the pilot area of Eindhoven. We have some referenceprojects. We used the development of Singapore River as our example. [[http://www.singapore-river.com]] (businessplan). Besides this excellent example, ARCADIS has developed a PMO for the development and maintenance of the area of Merwe Vierhavens in Rotterdam. This is a consortium organisation with three other private companies. ARCADIS has also many experiences in urban development plan, e.g.the metamorpfosis of the area Hoogwerf in Spijkenisse, the transformation of the area Transvaal in The Hague, the transformation of the area Poelenburg in Zaandam. In these three examples the development was led by social (sustainable) drivers (instead of financial drivers), although the outcomes were financially exceptable. ===== Provability contribution to sustainability===== Proven contribution to sustainability; this has been shown in practice. ===== Step in the right direction===== The PMO organisation will manage only activities in the pilot area which contribute to the sustainability targets. The idea owners have to demonstrate the sustainable value of their ideas. Only then they can participate. The PMO organisation can help them with this. ===== Flexible idea===== See answer question 16. The PMO organisation will check and calculate these risks for irreversible impacts on the environment ===== Good investment===== The PMO will act as a entrepreneur. It has a dedicated gouvernance structure with yearly planning, budgetting and monthly and yearly reports about the progress of plans and projects. Like in every organisation the PMO must be financially and socially healthy. This can only be the case if the PMO manages the total activities in the same way. Our business model is based on 6 principles: 1. optimisation of valuestreams, eg existing budgetstreams for management, maintenance and operations. 2. unlocking new value streams in the pilot area, water, waste, raw materials, energy, etc. 3. combining maintenance and development budgetstreams 4. contribution of initiatives by partners, generating new development streams. 5. unlocking commercial valuecreation of the assets. 6. using the networks of all stakeholders ===== Comments===== It is difficult to describe our proposition in words only. We believe ARCADIS has the capabilities, knowledges, competences, networks and ideas to be the best system integrator. The municipality can take the role of facilitator and supervisor in stead of also being the initiator and manager of this transition. As a system integrator ARCADIS (PMO) will work together with all interested parties, public and private, small and big, local, regional and (inter-) national. We are very enthousiastic about our proposal and we believe it can help Eindhoven to make their ambition of being a smart sustainable city happen. {{tag>public:outline_proposals:subdata:tags:all "public:outline_proposals:subdata:tags:contributions sustainable Eindhoven":"sustainable city" "public:outline_proposals:subdata:tags:contributions sustainable Eindhoven":"energy-neutral city" "public:outline_proposals:subdata:tags:contributions sustainable Eindhoven":"flexibility for government" "public:outline_proposals:subdata:tags:contributions sustainable Eindhoven":"attractive surroundings" "public:outline_proposals:subdata:tags:contributions sustainable Eindhoven":"visible innovation" "public:outline_proposals:subdata:tags:three principles":"quality in the long term" "public:outline_proposals:subdata:tags:three principles":"system approach" "public:outline_proposals:subdata:tags:three principles":"cooperation" "public:outline_proposals:subdata:tags:scope":"financing" "public:outline_proposals:subdata:tags:scope":"energy" "public:outline_proposals:subdata:tags:scope":"facility management" "public:outline_proposals:subdata:tags:scope":"services" "public:outline_proposals:subdata:tags:scope":"maintenance" "public:outline_proposals:subdata:tags:scope":"construction" "public:outline_proposals:subdata:tags:scope":"installations" "public:outline_proposals:subdata:tags:stage of development":"proven innovation" "public:outline_proposals:subdata:tags:contribution to sustainability":"proven contribution"}}

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