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~~META: creator = Peeters Duurzame Energie Techniek V.O.F., Pim van der Schaaf &description abstract = (ID:045) Technical design, consultancy on renewable energy techniques ~~ ====== (ID:045) Technical design, consultancy on renewable energy techniques====== ** Peeters Duurzame Energie Techniek V.O.F. ** \\ // Technical design and consultancy on renewable energy techniques for business and consumer customers // ^ Address|Pastoor van Arsplein 26, 5622 CJ, Eindhoven, The Netherlands | ^ URL|www.peetersduurzaam.nl | ^ Contact|Pim van der Schaaf, Owner, <[email protected]> | ^ Line of industry|Consulting and Design services; Manufacturer/Supplier; Other, IT solutions (NWOW/HNW) | ^ Area of expertise|Design; Sustainability; Power generation and conversion; ICT | ^ Size|1-10 employees | ===== Role of company/organisation===== Peeters Duurzame Energie Techniek is the ideal partner to the city of Eindhoven in making the step towards a sustainable government. We are inspired by and believe in governments that set a prime example and a benchmark to businesses, other local governments and perhaps even to the central government. To fulfill the city's current energy need we offer our help by applying our wide knowledge on the use of renewable energy sources. The next step we identified is applying innovative ideas on how to reach a significant decrease in the future energy need of the city government (i.e. IT-solutions and the New World of Work concept). We would like to emphasize that these steps ar not sequential and can both start today! ===== Opportunities for collaboration===== We are able to design and track the complete technical design and business case in multidsciplinary and multi level project. We help to bring several contractors with different skills and knowledge together to assure a succesfull project implementation. We are an Eindhoven based company that wants to grow and choosing for us will directly create jobs in Eindhoven! ===== Description of idea===== <WRAP box right minwidth:33%> <userpoll Rating> + ****** + **** + ** </userpoll> <WRAP centeralign> Please rate this idea! \\ Click on **Vote and view** to see the results. </WRAP> </WRAP> Our added value consists out of three main focus points. The first one is decreasing the energy consumption of all buildings that are in scope. An integrated vison on construction measures combined with opportunities that IT can bring is our first focus point. I.e. isolation of buildings, combined wit light plans with LED lighting and reducing square meters per employee by enabling them to work from home and travel less. The second focus point is creating an infrastructure that enables the city of Eindhoven to fullfill the total or major part of the energy need. At the moment this need is fullfilled with elektricity and gas from energy providers the city has contract. When Peeters Duurzame Energie Techniek helped you to reach this focus point, the exploitation cost for energy will be reduced significantly. The savings the city gains, can immediatly be used to extend the infrastructure towards the next focus point. The next focus point is creating an independ smart/off-grid infrastructure that makes the city real estate independent of energy providers and at least equaly important a sustainable government that can spend more money on being a good government to her citzens. ^ Illustrating file|{{public:outline_proposals:subdata:proposals:illustrations:45-q24-the_blind_man_and_the_elephant.docx?400&direct|The blind man and the elephant.docx}}| ^ Type of idea|combination of product and service| ^ Category of idea|technical; design; work flow| ^ Enabling conditions|Strategic cooperation with the City of Eindhoven. Depending our role in the project we possibly need extra investments to pre-finance the products that are necessery to implement focus point two and three as not alle of the system parts are yet general available.| ===== Stage of development===== Underpinned innovation: it has not been used in practice yet but it is well underpinned. ===== Substantiation stage of development===== http://youtu.be/2Dc7LqkLpgQ [[http://www.sma.de/fileadmin/content/global/Solutions/Documents/Smart_Home/SMART_HOME-KEN132741W.pdf]] [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YsK_k7NWQDs]] ===== Provability contribution to sustainability===== Proven contribution to sustainability; this has been shown in practice. ===== Step in the right direction===== http://files.sma.de/dl/17333/NEXTINNO-KEN132211W.pdf https://www.tno.nl/content.cfm?context=thema&content=markt_product&laag1=891&laag2=52&laag3=107&item_id=1418&gclid=CJG3tMKFqbsCFYlF3godwz4A-w [[http://files.sma.de/dl/15583/HOMEMANAGER-DEN133321W.pdf]] ===== Flexible idea===== Our company works as a network organization, the most sustainable way to organize for a small business. All the relevant parts of integrated systems we design and advise are build as much as possible from products that have a cradle to cradle or comparable certification. Our vision is that we do not want to impose being sustainable here while production of our products polute the environment in second or third world countries, ===== Good investment===== Quantitative and qualitative key performance indicators (KPI's) are set by the start of the project and are tracked during analysis, design and implementation of all focus points. We define GO/NOGO moments as early as possible in the project based on these KPI's. Quantative KPI's are a guidance on the parts of the business case that can be calculated and brought back to net results on short and long term. We understand that a government that is willing to make a step forward on sustainability also makes her decission on less hard facts. Every focus point needs an own qualitative an quantitative business case in the context of local government, we are willing and able to help you on this. {{tag>public:outline_proposals:subdata:tags:all "public:outline_proposals:subdata:tags:contributions sustainable Eindhoven":"sustainable city" "public:outline_proposals:subdata:tags:contributions sustainable Eindhoven":"energy-neutral city" "public:outline_proposals:subdata:tags:three principles":"quality in the long term" "public:outline_proposals:subdata:tags:three principles":"system approach" "public:outline_proposals:subdata:tags:three principles":"cooperation" "public:outline_proposals:subdata:tags:scope":"energy" "public:outline_proposals:subdata:tags:scope":"facility management" "public:outline_proposals:subdata:tags:scope":"installations" "public:outline_proposals:subdata:tags:scope":"products suppliers" "public:outline_proposals:subdata:tags:stage of development":"underpinned innovation" "public:outline_proposals:subdata:tags:contribution to sustainability":"proven contribution"}}

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