(ID:413) SWYCS saving network ... reduces the energy consumption

DSP innovation bv
Developing, manufacturing and selling innovative real-time and on-line energy management products (hardware and software) and concepts.

Addressvan kleffenslaan 205, 4334HG, Middelburg, The Netherlands
ContactRene Riemens, CEO, rene@dsp-innovation.nl
Line of industryManufacturer/Supplier; Other, consulting and ICT
Area of expertiseSustainability; ICT; Maintenance; Other; Installations, monitoring energyconsumption and -generating
Size1-10 employees

Role of company/organisation

DSP Innovation bv develops, manufactures, and markets innovative real-time and on- line energy management solutions and projects . Many smart and energy-efficient chips are sourced from NXP Semiconductors. We became a close cooperation with NXP semiconductors. By our expertise, experience in similar projects and our proven hardware and software solution (certified by Rabobank Netherlands) combined with the close collaboration with NXP as world-class company, we are able to provide municipality Eindhoven the right advices and solutions. In addition to the advisory role, we are adequately able to effectively run a project whereby
1)-the buildings will be smarter,
2)-there comes an understanding of energycunsumtion and - generation including the relationship between them,
3)-automatic energy and -cost saving occurs!

Opportunities for collaboration

Our solutions and project approach, are more then only a beautiful and effective monitoring and energy saving solutions for municipality Eindhoven. We can also show the effects of other energy-saving solutions implemented by third parties. For example: replacing or making smarter the air treatment system, or improvements in the shell of the building, or replacing traditional toilets into water-saving toilets etc. We can show the effects of these implemented solutions of third parties. We can shown the improvements of third parties comparing with their promisses! Also we can bring online, measurement data of third party solutions, and integrate it into our solution. We can offer a integral monitoring solution with the main focus on energy saving and smarter buildings!

Description of idea

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Lighting The lighting plan in offices is often part of the design of a building. As result, an enormous quantity of light produced by these artificial light. However, there is most of the time plenty of outside light. The quantity of artificial lighting and energy consumption by different kind of lighting, is usually very high. Without prejudice to design, occupational health requirements and / or comfort, SWYCS can reduces the energy consumption of these energy wasters significantly . Buildings will be viewed by SWYCS consultants in the form of a Quick Scan. The effect of this Quick Scan indicates where, how and how much in which building energy can be saved. Electrical devices In most of the offices, electrical devices consumes a lot of energy even when the office is closed. Examples of these are printers, copiers, coffee machines, water heaters, monitors, air conditioning, refrigerators, hot plates, etc. Al these devices just keep on while they are not in use. Al these devices can be managed by SWYCS. This will reduces the energy consumption of these devices enormously. The employee doesn't notice that devices are managed by SWYCS, because of all devices are still available when employees are present. A saving up to 60% for each individual device will be occurs when devices will be managed by SWYCS! Employees SWYCS is welcomed by employees in many offices. Before implementation of SWYCS employees indicates: 1. the current quantity of light by reflection on the desk is annoying 2. efficient usage of lightening is more comfortable and better for the environment and company profits. Employees can be involved in energy management project by implementing SWYCS. It helps them with awareness of energy consumption and -costs. Real-time and online (intra) web tools presenting energy consumption, -costs, -generation and any savings. Employee behavior is influenced positively by involving them in this kind of projects. SmartGrid Based on energy production of solar installations SWYCS can provide an optimum usage of these produced energy! When a lot of energy is produced combined with less consumption, SWYCS will alert and advise to use more energy, for example to charge an electrical car battery. Based on user settings SWYCS can act automatically! When there is a low production of the solar power installation, and the consumption is high, SWYCS will alert and act, for example to stop the consumption from some devices automatically! Conclusion By applying the SWYCS saving networks there is a better insight in energy consumption and ñgeneration. By applying SWYCS saving networks the energy consumption and ñcosts will be reduces automatically! Beside of the automatic savings on energy consumption by applying of SWYCS, the SWYCS applications will help employees to increasing the awareness how to deal with energy. Competitive elements in the SWYCS software with rewards, provide extra commitment to employees own contribution of energy saving actions. Good support for the own contribution ensures that employees even at home will be more conscious of their energy!

Illustrating fileOBST ENG.RRI.GEI.1151.4471-V1.0.pdf
Type of ideacombination of product and service (combinatie van product en dienst)
Category of ideatechnical (technisch); work flow (organisatorisch)
Enabling conditions1-Free to use Internet connection for base stations. 2-Free to use power wallet for base stations and CMU's. 3-Acces to meter cupboard and electrical installation

Stage of development

Proven innovation: it has been used in practice on a small scale. (Bewezen innovatie: deze is al op kleine schaal in de praktijk toegepast.)

Substantiation stage of development

January 2010 -starting up developing SWYCS hardware
2011 -starting up developing SWYCS software -receive government support -opening creditlines by Rabobank -starting up production line in Malaysia.
December 2011 -first products from Malaysia arrived and rolled out in first project at a housing association.
2012 -worked on further developed of our product. -together with Rabobank Netherlands professionalisation on security level
2013 -roll out SWYCS at Rabobank offices -selling other projects -developing a clear vision of sales based on experiance and interest from the market. -SWYCS in Heineken sustainable partners in business end
2013 + 2014 -roll out SWYCS at Heineken customers -starting up integration of SWYCS in LED tubes/lamps -sales of projects in banking sector, housing associating sector, real-estate, health-care, schools, hospitality sector and industrial environment

Provability contribution to sustainability

Proven contribution to sustainability; this has been shown in practice. (Aantoonbare (bewezen) bijdrage aan duurzaamheidsambities; dit is in de praktijk aangetoond.)

Step in the right direction

SWYCS ensures reduction of energy consumption by automated savings SWYCS provides insight into energy consumption. By insight, also not automated processes can be addressed SWYCS can make optimal use of energy generated. This limits the use of non-renewable energy to the minimum.

Flexible idea

SWYCS can be applied in every building and elektrical installation. SWYCS has been embraced by major market leaders. Expansion and connection with third-party systems are supported what's makes SWYCS extremly flexibel. SWYCS only ensures that less energy is consumed!

Good investment

below a calculation of one of our clients:

cost + cost increase €72.005 €7.423 €7.590 €7.761 €7.936 €8.114 €8.297 €8.484 €8.674 €8.870
revenue + revenue increase €37.590 €33.920 €30.403 €31.905 €33.483 €35.139 €36.877 €38.702 €40.618 €42.629
cash flow €-34.415 €26.497 €22.812 €24.144 €25.547 €27.024 €28.580 €30.218 €31.943 €33.759
Interest €-2.065 €-200 €253 €741 €1.266 €1.832 €2.440 €3.094 €3.794 €4.545
final value €-36.480 €-10.183 €12.882 €37.767 €64.580 €93.437 €124.457 €157.769 €193.507 €231.811


When DSP innovation bv the contract is awarded, we (DSP innovation bv and municipality Eindhoven) can count on support from NXP semiconductors. Technologically this can result extensive integration possibilities and municipality of Eindhoven is assured of local involvement and positive local publicity. Thank you.

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