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Real estate management is a rapidly growing discipline within the vb&t groep, thanks to the continuously increasing real estate portfolio of both existing as well as new clients in the Netherlands and abroad. Our management portfolio is highly diversified, encompassing around 10, 000 houses and 400, 000 m² of offices, shops, logistical centres and commercial real estate. We have managerial control of this real estate on behalf of banking institutions, institutional investors and real estate funds, as well as for “major” private investors who wish to have their real estate managed professionally. The work we carry out for these clients entails technical, administrative, financial and commercial management, arranged as the client desires.

AddressVestdijk 180, 5611 CZ, Eindhoven, Netherlands
ContactEric Prevoo, Director, e.prevoo@vbtgroep.nl
Line of industryReal estate
Area of expertiseMaintenance, financial and commercial management
Size51-250 employees

Role of company/organisation

We can imagine that there is insufficient familiarity with the outsourcing of property management and the added value it could provide for the municipality of Eindhoven. We would like to make our contribution to this project and explore this possibility together. We supply the input based on our knowledge, experience and development in the market. This will allow the city of Eindhoven to determine whether the outsourcing of property management is interesting, also, what the opportunities and risks are and the best way to organize this.

Opportunities for collaboration

Vb&t strives for a long term relationship with its clients. As an independent service provider in real estate and housing, vb&t is a major player on the market. In addition to property management under the vb&t group we have specialist knowledge in areas such as: owners association-management, construction management, facility management and real estate brokers. Each assignment is carried out from the point of view of the customer in order to be able to assess what knowledge and approach is required. We therefore envision ourselves in the position of the municipality to assess how we might best approach the task.

Description of idea

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The sustainability of buildings begins with the optimal management of the existing real state. Real estate in recent years has become highly developed within the municipalities. The property management is often centralized and the understanding of property management has improved. The insight and transparency is necessary for a strategic and tactical policy. Through cooperation with a specialist commercial market policy, the municipality is able to: • Reduce costs of services • Improve flexibility and decisiveness within own company • Access specialist knowledge • Market-oriented approach to real estate • Focus on core business within own organisation This is the time for a market based approach to the portfolio and for a cooperative working relationship with a market party. On the one hand we note that the municipality wants to take the next step, however on the other hand have experienced difficulties in doing so. We think we can offer added value in the process of decision making and through open dialogue determine together if outsourcing of property management is interesting and in which form we could achieve this.

Type of ideaservice
Category of ideatechnical; work flow; financial
Enabling conditionsCrucial to succeeding is to strive together towards a common goal and provide each other with full transparency in figures and experiences.

Stage of development

Proven innovation: it has been used in practice on a small scale.

Substantiation stage of development

Vb&t has over 45 years experience in real estate management for its professional clients. This is the knowledge that vb&t relies on in order to advise the right decision making process to the municipality. Despite all our knowledge and skills, vb&t has insufficient insight into the interests and needs of the municipality. Through transparent communication with each other this could allow specific needs to be developed further. Examples of this being, point of view, transparency, working method and mode choice of automation.

Provability contribution to sustainability

Proven contribution to sustainability; this has been shown in practice.

Step in the right direction

Sustainability is a container notion which requires complete attention. Often it is about applying sustainable materials, resources and concepts. However, it is also about the smart use of resources, this involves knowledge, understanding, efficiency, flexibility and effectiveness. The outsourcing of property management offers this possibility.

Flexible idea

Our idea is focused on comakership and services surrounding real estate. The impact on the environment and reversibility is part of this.

Good investment

Our proposal provides for an open dialogue about understanding the risks, opportunities and threats on the outsourcing of property management for the municipality of Eindhoven. This insight is for both parties on a financial, social and communal level. Eventually the open dialogue with the municipality will point out what is the best choice in the long term for the municipality. Even though, based on benchmarks, it is clear that with outsourcing property management cost reduction can be realised, we would like more insight into the primary processes and objectives of the municipality. Together with the municipality of Eindhoven we would like to come to a conclusion as to what the best choices are and how to put these in to practice.

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