~~META: creator = peer+, Teun Wagenaar &description abstract = (ID:403) Smart Energy Glas ~~ ====== (ID:403) Smart Energy Glas====== ** peer+ ** \\ // Developing switchable glass technology. // ^ Address|Luchthavenweg 10, 5657EB, Eindhoven, Netherlands | ^ URL|www.peerplus.nl | ^ Contact|Teun Wagenaar, Commercieel directeur, <[email protected]> | ^ Line of industry|Manufacturer/Supplier; Research | ^ Area of expertise|Design; Sustainability; Installations | ^ Size|1-10 employees | ===== Role of company/organisation===== 1. In the design phase: We have developed a quick scan tool in collaboration with the TU/e to roughly model the potential savings of Smart Energy Glass compared to the current glass. 2. In the construction phase: Peer+ is able to deliver Smart Energy Glass panels up to 1, 2 x 1, 5 m and can help to install them. Secondly we can help with the integration in the building automation system. 3. in the use phase Peer+ is interested in monitoring the end-user feedback and the energy use of the building ===== Opportunities for collaboration===== Peer+ is interested in the opportunity to find: 1. a partner for the installation of the glass and 2. a partner to integrate Smart Energy Glass in the building automation system. ===== Description of idea===== <WRAP box right minwidth:33%> <userpoll Rating> + ****** + **** + ** </userpoll> <WRAP centeralign> Please rate this idea! \\ Click on **Vote and view** to see the results. </WRAP> </WRAP> Smart Energy Glass, is glass that can switch between a tinted en bright states. It works like a design sunshading products, but then integrated into the glass and without any obstruction to the outside world. Eindhoven sustainable city; Energy savings up to 20% on the energy for the air conditioning have been reported and a much smaller max. cooling load is required for a building. These benefits could be obtained without losing natural daylight in the winter. Supporting governance in transition The additional investments in the facade are actually only a shift between, money invested into the facade now instead of paying an uncertain (and probably higher) future energy bill. Making innovation visible: Smart Energy Glass is also a very visible and eye catching feature of a building. It's not like a air- conditioning unit hidden from plain sight, but much more a visible aspect of the building. Putting Smart Energy Glass in buildings in Eindhoven is very appropriate, as Peer+ is a startup of Eindhoven, building upon former Philips TV knowhow and network. ^ Type of idea|product| ^ Category of idea|technical| ^ Enabling conditions|Smart Energy Glass has a maximum size of 1, 2 x 1, 5. A pilot of 5-10m2 with the Eindhoven municipality would be ideal, before implementing on a much larger scale. Ideally we will have 2 identical rooms, in which we can measure the indoor climate differences and comfort effects.| ===== Stage of development===== Proven innovation: it has been used in practice on a small scale. ===== Substantiation stage of development===== We did various pilot projects. 1. Most currently running application is at the boardroom of the KIC Inno Energy at University of Eindhoven. In this boardroom 5 windows of approx. 1 m2 have been replaced with Smart Energy Glass. This showcase has been implemented at the end of last year and end-users are very positive about this installation. 2. We also installed Smart Energy Glass at the High-Tech campus in two completely identical rooms to measure the effect of Smart Energy Glass.In this case around 4 m2 has been installed. ===== Provability contribution to sustainability===== Underpinned contribution to sustainability; this can be shown on the basis of experiments or calculations. ===== Step in the right direction===== One of the interesting results we have seen in the pilot at the High-tech campus in Eindhoven, was a big improvement of the indoor climate in an room with Smart Energy Glass. Last September there was a last summer day with a temperature of 33 degree outside. Inside the room with normal sunshading glass the tempature went up to 42 degree, while in the room with Smart Energy Glass the temperature only went to 35 degree. This is a very big difference in amount of energy needed for cooling. ===== Flexible idea===== The materials used for Smart Energy Glass, do not have an irreversible impact on the environment. The chemicals in the LCD mixture are tested for this. ===== Good investment===== Together with the University of Eindhoven we have build up a quick scan tool in which this is evaluated. This depends on the typical situation of the building and the orientation of the facade we want to implement Smart Energy Glass into. ===== Comments===== Before submitting this idea there were already talks with Marc Gijsman last year.He has been briefed about this innovation. {{tag>public:outline_proposals:subdata:tags:all "public:outline_proposals:subdata:tags:contributions sustainable Eindhoven":"sustainable city" "public:outline_proposals:subdata:tags:contributions sustainable Eindhoven":"flexibility for government" "public:outline_proposals:subdata:tags:contributions sustainable Eindhoven":"visible innovation" "public:outline_proposals:subdata:tags:scope":"construction" "public:outline_proposals:subdata:tags:scope":"products suppliers" "public:outline_proposals:subdata:tags:stage of development":"proven innovation" "public:outline_proposals:subdata:tags:contribution to sustainability":"underpinned contribution"}}

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