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Celsius Benelux BV
building system integratioin

AddressSiliciumweg 11, 3812SV, Amersfoort, Nederland
ContactTheo Smulders, general manager, theo.smulders@celsiusbenelux.nl
Line of industryConsulting and Design services; Other, system integration
Area of expertiseInstallations
Size11-50 employees

Role of company/organisation

By being a member of the design team comity and being the contractor for an integrated building control solution for all possible technical controlling systems, HVAC, Lighting, CCTV, security and fire etc.., we can assure a hyper modern internet based, sustainable and maintenance friendly integrated system.

Opportunities for collaboration

Extra investments on engineering for new project will be avoided when the concept already is being developed and proven. By integrating our system into your government buildings we are able to employ extra service colleagues in your area. The main contractor for the technical systems of the building is not motivated by innovative system integration solutions. The conventional building column of contracting of this moment has the decisions being forced by the financial criteria only. Lack of investment an knowledge for innovative solutions leaves the contractor build old fashioned simple systems. With our market focus and experience in technical design for these integrated solutions we can build and cooperate as separate party in good cooperation with and not under contract of the technical contractors.

Description of idea

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a) Our 3 dimensional energy monitoring graphs makes it easy to recognize energy consumption for individual an general machines. This intuitive way of displaying parameter makes optimizing the system good accessible. Also abnormal consumption can be sms triggered and easy being recognized in the graph. b) The smart flow solution makes it possible to monitor energy use of all individual heating/cooling devices with a minimum of components. Additionally the power consumption of this individual controllers consumes 300% less energy than conventional controllers. Combined light and climate control will reduce waste when no comfort or light is needed. In the new concept there is no pressure waist in air and water systems like conventional systems. 30% less energy needed in the concept by the ‘demand controlling’ in staid of availability control. c) The integration of all building related technical systems into one Ethernet based system, saves concessions in performance and speed of individual systems that have to cooperate and work as one. d) The integrated energy monitoring software module makes it possible to set estimation limits to monitor excessive consumption of both HVAC and light systems. The platform also runs on HTML 5. e) The platform of control makes it possible to easy control all buildings in the city. An individual location indicator (red, orange, green) shows real time the state of the technical installation in a city map. Website based control makes it possible to zoom to the building, showing the floor plans with condition indicators. The technical housekeeper will be alerted before individual users will experience climate change or defects in lighting or other integrated systems. This optimises the labour output

Illustrating fileCK Topologie.pdf
Type of ideacombination of product and service
Category of ideatechnical; design
Enabling conditionsTo succeed the use of our system we need to train the technicians to whom it concerns to control the building environmental elements and machines.

Stage of development

Proven innovation: it has been used in practice on a small scale.

Substantiation stage of development

The systems present version was introduced one year ago in the project “Gemeentehuis Hardenberg” and will be build in to the project “Blue Water”

Provability contribution to sustainability

Proven contribution to sustainability; this has been shown in practice.

Step in the right direction

As long as heating, cooling and artificial light is needed for a people friendly environment inside a building, acceptable climate conditions will consume energy. With our integrated system these parameters will be controlled tightly to warranty a minimum of energy consumption. The integration of control systems for all technical disciplines will optimize the use of each individual controller and minimize the number of controlling devices.

Flexible idea

The complete system is designed to have a minimum of maintenance and a maximum of life span. Therefore the system will last longer and create on its one less waist than conventional systems. Each new design in the software can be stored from a distance over IP to minimize traffic pollution.

Good investment

Example building for 1000 pcs: General applications central heating flow control €405.000 Energy use 2watt each = 2000 watt CK SmartFlow central heating flow control €240.000 Energy use 0, 4watt each = 400 watt Estimation of energy reduction by sensor monitored presence: 15%. General 3 story building 8000m3(1, 78 kg/m3) * 15% = 2136 kg/y gas 12000kWh (500gr/kwh) * 15% = 900 kg/y


We wish all Dutch government were as environment friendly and passionate as the government of Eindhoven

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