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AddressOverschieseweg 35c II, 3044EE, Rotterdam, Netherlands
ContactEelco Voogd, director, eelco.voogd@innvire.com
Line of industryConsulting and Design services; Research
Area of expertiseDesign, workplace consulting
Size1-10 employees

Role of company/organisation

13% of the dutch office stock is abandoned or without a lease. Designing, building and maintaining offices starts with truly understanding the organization the building is built for. We have seen many new and revitalized buildings that at the delivery already miss out on capacity or use. This comes from the poor instruments and methods of measures the actual dynamics and demands of the organization. We designed and developed a tool, used by many municipalities and other organizations in the Netherlands that can continuously measure the capacity needed in terms of square meters, the amount and types of workplaces and the quality of the surroundings, before starting to design. This has saved both time and costs for spec'ing the building requirements and avoids fail costs.

Opportunities for collaboration

By nature innvire and its instruments WPA Workplace Analytics are part of a collaboration between architects needing the input, projectmanagement companies needing to detail the requirements documents and the client that wants better understanding of what to ask because the have a more research based metric insight of how their organization operates and in doing so desires a certain amount of space, types of workplaces and the quality of the type and condition of the building(s). Because the instrument is web-based, very visual and easy to understand, both the client, the architecture / design / construction team can also see and understand the different scenario's workplace possibilities it is a catalyst for more efficient, effective and productive buildings and working environments.

Description of idea

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WPA Workplace Analytics is helping municipalities of Zoetermeer, Tilburg and Tiel in better understanding how their organization is operating by understanding their work activities, the time spend at the different places and also how scenarios can be sketched in the environment that rearrange the organization in different teams to be more effective in serving the citizens and the city. Sustainability starts with avoiding spent and spill of resources that are unnecessary. We have seen that organizations housed currently could reduce housing by 40% procent by redefining the way they work from the core. By nature organizations and people on an individual level will always try to retain office space as a necessity. But when analyzing the work, the time spend on it, the real whereabouts and the possibilities to do certain work elsewhere or together with other organizations money and resources are both saved in quantity but also more effective use over its 24 hour period a building or space is available to the users. Once a building is in place often the interior design is altered fairly quickly due to rough or poor analysis in the beginning about the amount and typologies of workplaces required. Too many desks are abandoned right away where expensive acoustics are added because the analysis of sufficient acoustics at certain places was lacking in the architectual design. Workplace Analytics is able to research these needs per team, function, location, office, etc and gives profound, evidence based requirements per team of what is needed. Customers that have used workplace analytics have a more consistent and fit workplace over the length of time because it is designed based on the total of all people, not because of the ideas of management or a design company alone. What we do: - Create more effective organizations because we are able to show you your organizational design and needs - Make sure fail costs in the design are minimized because of better research in the beginning - Less resources are spend because our analysis almost always means a more efficient design based on all people, not allowing hierarchy contain space or properties - Give permanent insight so if the organization changes and leases and buildings are flexible, you can decrease costs by terminating contracts on non-needed space or furniture.

Illustrating filewpa info report.pdf
Type of ideacombination of product and service
Category of ideadesign; work flow
Enabling conditionsWe just need to be able to survey the population of the people that are concerned with the housing / building involved in the project. For this we need stuff like e-mail, name, department, function, location from HR. Just all the attributes you want to be able to analyse on. The rest is provided in the tool as a webservice. And we can advice on the outcomes.

Stage of development

Proven innovation: it has been used in practice on a small scale.

Substantiation stage of development

We have developed this methodology in 2009. It is based on Harvard Professor Tom Davenport's knowledge model and Genslers four typologies of human capital. We have used it extensively with great success for: DSM, TomTom Headquarters, Chemelot, University of Tilburg, Municipality of Zoetermeer, Tilburg, Tiel, The Fontys Hogeschool, Oilcompany in Oman, VO-PO Raad in Utrecht, Royal Cosun, NS railway, Vara BNN and others. We have no customers that are dissatisfied or found the minimal investment of a few euro's per person non beneficial to their outcome. It is fast (analysis in two weeks), cost effective, data driven and comparable between organizations and you are in charge of making scenario's at no extra costs.

Provability contribution to sustainability

Proven contribution to sustainability; this has been shown in practice.

Step in the right direction

Companies or organizations that have used WPA have less faulty investments on their workplace design and see that their current (apparent needed) workplace square meters can be reduced while increasing the effectiveness of the organization.

Flexible idea

Because the solution is based on analysis and just delivers information that can be interpreted to aid more sustainable solutions and designs. It does not by itself effect the environment more than the CO2 emissions of the Microsoft Azure environment it is running on.

Good investment

Given an organization of e.g 2.000 people, that have an average workplace costs of 10-12.000 euro per year - meaning 20.000.000 euro's a year in costs. With the investment of Workplace Analytics, costing not more than 7.5 euro per person it shows how effective these people, teams or departments can use their space and also show when people are not needing or using space, resulting in decreasing expensive desk workplace typologies and replacing them with other more effective workplace typologies or no workplaces at all as people seem to organize their work in different places than the building. Happy and productive employees result in lesser sickness leave due to office stress or unhealthy situations due to acoustics or other problems. Its cost avoidance investment.


We are confident that it will help Eindhoven but also other companies are we are expanding to Scandinavia, Germany and the US and have not seen any competition which such a insightful and easy to understand tooling at this price level. Our 'why' is wanting people to be in their power by showing their needs and dynamics to management and design partners needing to design products and services for these employees / end users.

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