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Bohemen Investments B.V.
Investment company - Real Estate / conceptdeveloper of BoWall

AddressOosteinde 237, 2271 EG, Voorburg, Netherlands
URLwww.bohemeninvest.com / http://www.bowall.com
ContactLuc Jans, Business Manager, ljans@bohemeninvest.com
Line of industryConsulting and Design services; Manufacturer/Supplier; Project development; Real estate
Area of expertiseDesign; Construction; Sustainability; Maintenance; Installations
Sizemore than 1000 employees

Role of company/organisation

As an investment company, specialized in real estate, we believe that housing should be living up to the needs of their users, now and in the future. Therefore housing should be made flexible so it will evolve along with every change in organization or his use. This can be done by following the idea of the 'unbundled building', which can only be realized with BoWall, the concept that makes buildings adaptive. Throughout the role of 'project manager adaptive building', we are responsible for realizing the ambitions of the municipality, without being influenced by traditional ideas, methodologies or products. The project manager follows the total DBFMO process, from the initial concept to final result and maintenance of housing, securing flexibility in it, forming a sustainable building!

Opportunities for collaboration

The concept lends it ideal for an integrated approach throughout the whole chain. If you can respond to future needs, you’ll get the best out of durability. By simply building those things the user needs today. Adjustments can always be done, what starts with a clever idea is realized by a good product, “from inspiration to co-creation.” A clever design from the architect, conducted by inventive builders and managed from a sustainable point of view, makes it to exceed chain collaboration. By letting all participants act in this way1 everyone takes his maximum responsibility, in his own profession, during development, construction and operation!

Description of idea

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Our Promise We guarantee that buildings can respond continuously to future changes. By making buildings flexible, are changes in organization possible, making housing sustainable. We create throughout the concept of a flexible inner shell of the building. Therefore any kind of ambition can be translated into an building, without limitation in time. This means that facilitating things like a technical installations can be flexible integrated in floor plans. And true time easily adapted or extended. As if today, areas are being used for work ethos like 'new-work-environment' can be changed over time into a completely different environment without further risk. How do we do this By unbundling building and installation, we create maximum flexibility in housing. Each floor(plan) is flexible, not bound by the design of installations but always real-time and just-in-time adaptable. The concept is unique in the Netherlands and abroad, but since a few months the hard evidence have been given by completing hospitals, offices, schools and homes. What’s in it The BoWall concept provides cost efficiencies, durability and flexibility during the design, construction and user phase. By unbundling building and installation, we create an flexible inner shell of the building. Therefore duration of building gets shortened in following an more efficient process; a substantial savings on labor costs. And because of the flexibility of installation failure costs are lower and more manageable. Because the flexible inner shell is easily accessible, even after finishing the build, adjustments are quick and easy to perform. It saves at least 50% of the cost compared to the traditional method. Adjustments, such as replacing or adding installations, will only be made when the user actually needs it. What Proves it BoWall proves that (re)development can be simpler, cheaper and faster, and innovates the total build. Prescribing parties as consultants, contractors and users can easily integrate, realizing the ambition for 2045. Our references from projects are excited about the simplicity of the system and praise the potential use, future adaptability and cost savings! -Focal Point 1; what they do not need today, it doesn’t have to be build and it does not have to produced. This makes future growth possible, with use of the latest innovation, technology or product. -Focal Point 2; by integrating smart (energy) concepts as BoWall, one can always achieve the optimum, by real-time going for the best solution. No decisions beforehand, but long-term thinking and healthy growth. -Focal Point 3; responding towards change of housing, as all applicable facilities. Making sure that every form of changes can be integrated troughout flexible inner shell. -Focal Point 4; interaction between building and outdoor environment by not being restricted in classification of spaces, rather the ability to get inside-out through innovative architecture. The opportunity to contribute to the building by making the square useful as an energy source. -Focal Point 5; how innovation is integrated is not important, the possibility for integration, not only for today, but also for tomorrow and far future. This is only possible with flexibility in your building.

Illustrating fileGLIMPSES OF THE FUTURE - Bohemen Investments - BoWall concept.pdf
Type of ideacombination of product and service
Category of ideatechnical; design; work flow; financial
Enabling conditionsThe influence of the client is most importance, because it is the entity that chooses how the housing becomes sustainable. Many participants in a program like this aren’t always involved in the lifecycle of the building, which can shift interests. We ask more than commitment. We require responsibility, not only in making a beautiful building and / or redeveloping it, but demanding quality during maintain- and operation phase. Every partners should join or blend in the idea 'unbundled buildings’. Everyone throughout is own point of view. First we make the building adaptive, then we will integrated the right resources for the user.

Stage of development

Proven innovation: it has been used in practice on a small scale.

Substantiation stage of development

‘Unbundeld building’ should not only be a nice idea, therefore Bohemen Investments continued by making it feasible in products, part of the BoWall concept. What began as an innovation in the methods of construction, becomes reality with BoWall. Our development of this concept lasted more than six years, the first projects have been completed such as; hospitals, offices, schools and homes. These projects are realized throughout an integral vision to building. The products in the BoWall concept will always be developed considering changing needs are always present.

Provability contribution to sustainability

Proven contribution to sustainability; this has been shown in practice.

Step in the right direction

The completed projects speaks for itself, in which leading architects, innovative builders and renowned clients, are our best ambassadors. For more information you can visit our website (www.bowall) for some movies which are both prescriptive and well-performing parties give their opinion about the concept. The trust is reaffirmed by the largest suppliers in the Netherlands, in fitting (Knauf) and installation (Sonepar) has committed to us and our concept.

Flexible idea

We realize a flexible inner shell with existing products within the traditional world of construction, but we also supply products and components that are always accessible. Connecting facade, walls, floor and ceiling together makes this inner shell always accessible / adaptable to changes from the use of housing and / or organization. All without chopping or breaking, or adding amenities. From a more efficient process, while labor-saving and cost-reducing construction during operation. We guarantee flexibility, because are inventive and act to it!

Good investment

In redevelopment and making building flexible, we achieve 30% a reduction in labor costs during the final phases of build en installation, realizing halve costs by 50% on installation technical adjustments during operation and maintenance. We demand a more efficient process and change investment models to be more interesting financial wise. By building adaptive the user becomes first. Our goal is to create every time a pleasant working environment. A traditional world, we turn up-side-down, in making housing the facilitating shell for its users.


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