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developing co-makership

AddressSteenstraat 7d, 5103 MB, Dongen, NL
ContactHans Joosten, co-owner, hans@nieuwetijden.com
Line of industryOther, education
Area of expertiseOther, co-makership
Size1-10 employees

Role of company/organisation

GebouwVoorJou is about co-makership and the world of estate management. We initiate, facilitate and moderate an educational journey with live cases. A case is always about an actual building. We invite the owner of the building, the tenant or user and possible companies which might be able to improve the building. GebouwVoorJou is about teams and reaching new goals. New goals are always matched with the need of the end-user. Therefore productivity of the building is the most important issue. But also sustainability and costs of exploitation are important. GebouwVoorJou is able to turn over the traditional building business by combining all available knowledge and skills. In the end the tenant is happy, the owner is happy and the building business is happy.

Opportunities for collaboration

GebouwVoorJou is able to moderate a process where co-makership can lead to the best combination of the best ideas. We believe that several sessions, in which some ideas are handled, will result in new and better ideas. Otherwise only ideas without synergetic value remains.

Description of idea

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GebouwVoorJou is able to set the level of sustainability in a more ambitious and higher dimension. The synergetic effect of combining ideas will be significant. This improvement will be reached by using the principles of co-makership. Why choose only some ideas when you are able to combine lots more? GebouwVoorJou created a tailer made approach: 1) kick off meeting 2) dream session in which the group of participants come up with fantastic ideas as a team 3) expert sessions: can the ideas become reality? 4) planning session: how can we create the solutions? 5) create an offer 6) presentation to user and owner

Type of ideaservice
Category of ideawork flow
Enabling conditionsThe willing to co-create. Nothing more.

Stage of development

Proven innovation: it has been used in practice on a small scale.

Substantiation stage of development

GebouwVoorJou has started in two settings: a project in Heeswijk en another one in Rotterdam. All participants are pleased with the actual results so far.

Provability contribution to sustainability

Underpinned contribution to sustainability; this can be shown on the basis of experiments or calculations.

Step in the right direction

The well known agency Search BV is monitoring the results of GebouwVoorJou.

Flexible idea

GebouwVoorJou has no direct effect on the environment as such. Only the results of a GebouwVoorJou-cycle will lead to changes and hopefully improvements regarding sustainability.

Good investment

Our partcipants in the several projects are pleased with the results so far.


GebouwVoorJou is a revolution is the world of estate management. We are happy with a lot of attention from the building business, project developers and estate investors.

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