(ID:326) Open application...clear summary of relevant indicators around building ownership.

The ScholenDossier provides a clear summary of all relevant indicators around your building ownership

AddressWiekenweg 56b, 3815KL, Amersfoort, The Netherlands
ContactVincent Bothof, Advisor/ inspector, vincent@duurzaamgebouw.com
Line of industryConsulting and Design services; Maintenance services; Project development; Real estate
Area of expertiseConstruction; Sustainability; Maintenance; Installations
Size11-50 employees

Role of company/organisation

Many building owners have insufficient knowledge and competencies in organizing daily maintenance of their buildings and in setting up and keeping up a good long-term maintenance plan (or an operating plan). Applying the digital ScholenDossier provides a clear overview of all relevant indicators around your building ownership. We see our role in the project “verduurzamen gemeentegebouwen” as following: getting the condition of the buildings and its installations as clearly as possible to responsibly plan and execute the maintenance.

Opportunities for collaboration

Where we have experience in technical maintenance and consulting on sustaining building-related installations, both electrical and structural, for various clients, we know like no other how to associate with sustainability and our partners in this business. At this moment, there are 15 companies working in the ScholenDossier and together we have a wealth of experience. Therefore, we see good opportunities to share our experiences and knowledge and to work together with new parties.

Description of idea

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Initially, the name ScholenDossier sounds purely for schools. However, it has the ability to be applied to any kind of building. The ScholenDossier is an ‘open’ application. Using it, the building managers can place out an accessible baseline measurement, fully and without pre-investments. Just by starting and calling for support when needed. It is a master file where all relevant data will be stored and updated. It will be accessible and viewable for all concerned parties at all time. Not just for the building managers, but also for the suppliers. A good management of the installations with as many possible energy-efficient applications starts with a stable basis with a clear overview. The ScholenDossier displays a clear summary of all relevant indicators around your building ownership. It provides a grip and is an excellent starting point for further steps, whether it is setting up a long-term maintenance plan or use of sustainability within the property. The energy performances can be determined and digitally monitored by the main meters. On the basis of the energy performances, eventual adjustments on the installations can be made and later compared to those of other building managers who are using ScholenDossier as well. This creates a partnership between the building managers in the town of Eindhoven and increases interest in sustainability and energy consumption among the employees. The urge to work as energy-neutral as possible will be increased and the application of installations will be adjusted to this behaviour. The achieved energy performances can be publicly exhibited to outsiders and be presented to the Stadhuisplein, for instance. This brings the importance of sustainability also among the population of Eindhoven, whereat the municipality takes the lead by example. The advantages of the ScholenDossier are as following: • You have full control over your building ownership and management, knowing what to compare. • Thanks to the uniform basic information, as governance, you can make better decisions. • The core consists of several basic modules that can expand as needed. • You have access to your building data (cloud) anywhere and anytime. •Building managers and suppliers can ‘learn’ quickly from each other by exchanging information. • Suppliers do not have to repeatedly perform building measurements. They have access to the service history and can quote offers in a more focused and smarter way. • Building managers avoid failure costs and/or duplication of costs and benefit from the economies of scale.

Type of ideaservice
Category of ideatechnical; work flow; financial
Enabling conditionsThe conditions needed to apply the digital ScholenDossier are as following: an insight of the current technical properties has to be provided by the building managers. This contains both the electrical, structural and mechanical properties. Otherwise, an opportunity needs to be provided to perform a baseline measurement. Without these technical aspects, it will not be possible to fill in the ScholenDossier.

Stage of development

Underpinned innovation: it has not been used in practice yet but it is well underpinned.

Substantiation stage of development

As described above, the digital ScholenDossier is still under construction and is being developed by 15 companies. The interest from the market is high. Our experience has shown that often the building components and systems are not properly mapped, while in this case energy savings can be achieved, which will contribute to the sustainability in every aspect. On January 17, 2014, a collaboration between 15 companies will be settled on the Beurs Facilitair and from March 3, the first pilot projects will be officially launched. On Building Holland (May 6, 7 and 8), the software wil be demonstrated and made available for purchase/ransom.

Provability contribution to sustainability

Speculative contribution to sustainability; evidence of possible contributions is only indicatively and will still have to be determined through research or in practice. (Speculatieve bijdrage aan duurzaamheidsambities; dit is alleen indicatief aan te gev

Step in the right direction

The ScholenDossier provides a clear overview of all relevant indicators around your building property. It provides a grip and is an excellent starting point for further steps. Partly by the application of the ScholenDossier various companies will be brought together and sustainability ambitions will be shared. Hierby, ideas and results will be exchanged and recorded in the ScholenDossier. On the basis of these data installations and components can be customized and preserved.

Flexible idea

By applying the ScholenDossier, as already indicated, clarity and overview are created into the building components and systems. These will be managed, included in the long-term maintenance plan and, where possible, measurements on energy consumption will be performed. Data will be compared to other building managers and based on this, there can be determined which application can be considered the most sustainable, depending on the situation. As long as the user handles this properly, the installation of a sustainable mindset is maintained.

Good investment

By working with 15 companies, the control on energy consumption and, if necessary, the investment for the digital ScholenDossier has a good effect on both financial, communal and social levels.


The name ScholenDossier will initially surprise you by applying to the project ‘sustaining municipal buildings’. However, this digital file is equally applicable to non-residential projects and we would like to get acquainted and present the digital ScholenDossier to potential partners.

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