(ID:310) we create light that has a positive effect on humans

AMMANU LED-Intelligence
We are an innovative manufacturer of dynamic LED light fittings. Not only are our light fittings efficient, but our total installation is exceptionally efficient. We achieve this without losing sight of the importance of safety and architectural desires. But most importantly, we create light that has a positive effect on humans. These combinations make us unique! AMMANU’s vision is to let as many people as possible experience good quality light. We are transparent in sharing our knowledge with our clients and to enable them to harvest the benefits of a carefully chosen light solution. Our passion for quality and sustainability has resulted in functional and maintenance free LED light fittings that will outlast their designed working life. We develop and produce the products ourselves, within the EU. We aim for perfection and give a 5 year warranty on all our products as standard. Our core values ??(in random order) are: financial savings (TCO), sustainability (environment) and ergonomics.

AddressLandweerstraat-Zuid 95a, 5349AK, OSS, Netherlands
ContactNiels Leijten, Co-Owner, nielsl@ammanu.com
Line of industryManufacturer/Supplier
Area of expertiseInstallations
Size1-10 employees

Role of company/organisation

We can contribute to the design of the lighting requirements in the context of the overall building automation. Our team has a wide and varied knowledge base with expertise in the following areas (to name a few): Electrical installations, electronics, optics, building automation, (ecological) construction. Because of this we can be a versatile and informative partner in any installation project.

Opportunities for collaboration

We want to be an active partner in the design process throughout the project. We are a company that thrives on thinking outside the box and will give an original insight into any project we are involved in. Because we have our own R&D and production facilities we can customise products for ourselves and the other partners in this project.

Description of idea

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We want to make a positive contribution to the working environment and ergonomics of the workplace. Because we do this with our highly innovative energy-efficient light fittings, we can save a lot of energy, much more than with conventional LED solutions. Our LED light fittings are dynamic, i.e. the intensity and the colour of the light can be adjusted. Additionally, our LED light fittings are also completely flicker-free. As a result you get a very tranquil light, comparable to natural daylight. With these capabilities, we can positively influence the natural daily rhythm. In nature, the light level and colour is not the same throughout the day. This can be done automatically, manually, or a combination of. Because we adjust the light at the times when rest is needed (during a lunch break, for example), to a softer and warmer setting, the body experiences a natural tranquillity. When concentration is required (in the morning, after lunch, etc.) the light can be made more intense and cooler of colour. This has the effect of making people feel more alert at the times that it is needed. Development We want to develop a device that will not only control the light system, but do much more than that. This will be an intelligent sensor that can be linked to all other systems in the building. Each room/space will have one of these devices. The device is capable of: - Measure light intensity in multiple zones. - Detecting people without the need for them to move! - Count the number of people in a space - Detecting smoke - Detect whether windows and doors are open or closed - Measure temperature - Measure humidity Because of these capabilities the device can be used for: - Lighting control. The light levels can be automatically adjusted for individual zones within a room. If daylight is present the light will dim or switch off within that zone. If everyone leaves the room the lights will go off. The response time is seconds instead of half an hour with conventional systems. - HVAC control Heating, ventilation and air-conditioning requirements can be controlled without the need for expensive CO2 sensors. By knowing the temperature, humidity and the number of people present in a room the device calculates the necessary air refreshment rate. The air-conditioning can be turned off when it detects that there are doors or windows open. - Security - Planning In a multifunctional building where flexible room occupancy practises are used the receptionist or other person responsible for room planning/reservation can instantly see if a room is used or not. - Safety Smoke can be detected and relayed to the receptionist. During a fire (drill) it is possible to see (on your mobile phone), if everyone has left the building. The device will be less expensive to buy than conventional building automation systems, while the energy savings will be many times greater.

Illustrating filegrafiek-energie-eng.jpg
Type of ideacombination of product and service
Category of ideatechnical
Enabling conditionsWe are looking for a partner in the form of a system integrator who also has knowledge of building automation or is willing to be trained by us. In addition, for the embedded software development of the intelligent device we need a partner. The roadmap, components and suppliers for this are known.

Stage of development

Proven innovation: it has been used in practice on a small scale.

Substantiation stage of development

In the past year 4000 of our light fittings have been integrated in intelligent dynamic systems. Initial results show that the users experiences great benefits in the field of wellbeing, while saving as much as 70% on their energy bill, through smart use of lighting. Reference projects can be found on our website (www.ammanu.com).

Provability contribution to sustainability

Proven contribution to sustainability; this has been shown in practice.

Step in the right direction

Our solution saves a lot of energy and is designed to be nearly maintenance free throughout its lifetime. These energy savings are made by integrations of lighting and HVAC control requirements, while evolving building automation to a new level.

Flexible idea

A number of points to consider - Our light fittings are adjustable in intensity and light colour. Therefore there is no need to change the light fittings when the users demand changes. - Our system is almost complete cradle-to-cradle production - When the lay-out of a building is changed, e.g. a wall is moved, the system needs only a minor software adjustment. - The useful life of our product is more than 100, 000 hours. Much longer than other systems on the market to date. - We use fewer materials than exciting building automation products. - The energy savings are thousands of times higher than the embodied energy of our products.

Good investment

Total cost of ownership for one room with 12 fixtures* Summary Total Cost per year (TCO): Costs T5 conventional fluorescent lighting system Energy usage € 285, 00 Overhead and Replacement € 103, 00 Total costs per year € 388, 00 Costs AMMANU Energy usage € 123, 00 Overhead and Replacement € 10, 00 Total costs per year € 133, 00 This is NOT taken into account: - The increase in the cost of energy - Increase in energy taxes and / or VAT - The cost increase of the replacement material - Wage growth over the coming years - Inflation - The saving on climate control - The savings on the speed of installation, AMMANU is a plug & play system * Specification on request


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