(ID:296) revolving sustainability fund will act as important catalyst for greening the real estate portfolio

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Area of expertiseDesign; Construction; Sustainability; Power generation and conversion; Maintenance; Transport; Installations
Sizemore than 1000 employees

Role of company/organisation

The project will be a major joint effort between the City of Eindhoven and a large number of local and regional firms and organisations. Partnering with them successfully will be quite a challenge. We have a proven track record of managing a variety of suppliers, e.g. for the managing agent contracts concluded with the cities of Hoorn and Nijmegen for the maintenance of their real estate portfolios. In the project, however, we would like to go a step further and become your trusted system integrator, managing and motivating within “our” Consortium the various service providers and product suppliers in an efficient and effective way. This will mean that we will take the role of partner for the City of Eindhoven and manage our Consortium members.

Opportunities for collaboration

There is a wide variety of collaboration opportunities: - Manage introduction and roll out of the circular economy concept with partners, E-recovery etc. Within our company we have defined circular economy as a major theme. Currently, we are developing together with partners new ideas that can be brought to the market. - Linking the greening of municipal buildings with nearby non-municipal buildings, e.g. from private investors. We work for both client groups, we know their logic. We can establish interesting relationships. - Co-operation with ‘green’ financial institutions for smart financing. We will establish the contacts and liaise with these institutions.

Description of idea

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A revolving sustainability fund will act as important catalyst for greening the real estate portfolio of the City of Eindhoven. Furthermore, it will create more critical mass for making the desired quantum leap. Therefore, this type of fund should already from the onset be part of the project. The overall idea is to realize a snowball effect by: - Turning investment made into annual capital charges - Making forecasts of yearly energy savings - Capitalizing annual forecasted savings - Using capitalized energy savings for follow-on sustainability investments Strong points of this idea in realizing the sustainability ambitions: - A sound and innovative way of providing extra financial means - An instrument to build confidence and establish consensus and commitment on identifying and selecting sustainability projects and measures - In a more long-term perspective is should be used as ‘pilot’ for greening the city as a whole.

Illustrating fileRevolving Sustainability Fund.jpg
Type of ideaservice
Category of ideatechnical; work flow; financial
Enabling conditionsEnabling conditions for the project include: - At the highest level: commitment from the city. This implies amongst others that colleagues from the financial department and the department dealing with strategy and policy have to be involved. - The issue of split incentives between tenants, landlords and municipal departments has to be solved. - In a more practical sense, the baseline of energy consumption has to be defined. Furthermore, a well defined and realistic long-term maintenance plan has to be in place. In a more long-term perspective other enabling conditions, or put differently opportunities for the revolving sustainability fund include: - Involvement of ‘green’ financial institutions - Participation of citizens - Creation of other special revolving sustainability funds, e.g. for schools, hospitals and the care sector.

Stage of development

Proven innovation: it has been used in practice on a small scale.

Substantiation stage of development

As indicated our idea of developing and implementing a revolving fund is a non product-based idea. It is a proven financial concept, which can be used to speed up the overall process of greening your real estate. In the Netherlands, the concept has been implemented successfully by the City of Nijmegen, but as experience is little, this concept is still in its growing development stage. This means that in the Dutch context there is still room for adapting this concept, i.e. tailoring it to the specific needs of the City of Eindhoven. Some examples, showing that the idea works include: http://www2.nijmegen.nl/mmbase/attachments/1451627/R2013-085uitvoeringsplan_verduurzaming_vastgoedportefeuille.pdf (mei 2012)

Provability contribution to sustainability

Proven contribution to sustainability; this has been shown in practice.

Step in the right direction

It is a sound and innovative way of providing extra financial means for kick starting and speeding up realizing sustainability projects and measures. The revolving sustainability fund will be instrumental in making the ‘Eindhoven Energieneutraal in 2045’ initiative a real success.

Flexible idea

As indicated our idea of developing and implementing a revolving sustainability fund is not product or resource-based and therefore will not have an irreversible impact on the environment.

Good investment

A revolving sustainability fund will be a smart and innovative way of using limited financial resources as effectively as possible. The fund is directly related to the cost savings of reducing energy consumption by implementing sustainability measures. These measures have to be implemented according to a well defined plan which offers enough flexibility to respond to opportunities, e.g. new technology and new concepts.


The idea submitted has a clear match with Eindhoven energy neutral city as the driver of the revolving fund is to substantially lower energy consumption. This will be done by using the long-term maintenance plan as basis for financing. Main starting point: planned maintenance measures will be used as much as possible for implementing sustainability measures, instead of mere replacements within the regular long-term maintenance plan budget

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