(ID:266) every building...integrated energy neutral plan

Consultant in how to realize energy-neutral renovation of existing (monumental) buildings, supervision on the realisation of energy-neutral projects, calculating energy-neutral projects (energetic as well as financially), contractor of energy-neutral building/renovation projects.

AddressAbdijenlaan 30, 5235 BV, ‘s Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands
ContactJan van Liempt, Director, jan@in2-ecobuildings.nl
Line of industryContracting; Consulting and Design services; Maintenance services; Manufacturer/Supplier; Research
Area of expertiseConstruction; Sustainability; Maintenance; Installations
Size1-10 employees

Role of company/organisation

In2Ecobuildings can provide an integrated plan for the renovation of the municipality buildings of the city of Eindhoven which encompasses the possible architectural adaptations, construction of the buildings, an energy-neutral plan and sustainable sanitation of the buildings. In our reports we provide detailed technical, energetic and financial information on how to make the buildings energy-neutral. By working together with our partners we can also provide a plan for maintenance and the catering of the buildings. We work in an integrated team with an architect, contractor and, if wanted by the client, can do the supervision of the whole project. If we have the supervision on the realization of the neutral plan, we guarantee the energetic performance of the renovated buildings.

Opportunities for collaboration

In2Ecobuildings usually works in partnership with preferred partners. But our company is always willing to cooperate with other, new parties in the project but prefers, in case of realizing an energy-neutral building, to have the supervision of the project. In this case we can guarantee the results of our energy-neutral concepts. In the past energy-neutral concepts have been screwed up by contractors because they did not elaborate the concept in the correct way. This should absolutely be prevented.

Description of idea

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For every building we would like to make an integrated energy neutral plan which encompasses
1) the actual energy use including the use of electricity, fossil fuels and heat.
2) A description of actual construction and installations
3) The energy use in the new, renovated energy neutral situation
4) A description of the new construction and installations to realize the sustainable energy neutral plan
5) The energy costs for the next 10 years in case of no renovation
6) The energy costs for the next 10 years in case of sustainable energy neutral renovation
7) The total costs for making the building sustainable energy neutral
8) The reduction of CO2 emissions in case of sustainable energy neutral renovation Our idea to analyze the energy use and flows in the several municipality buildings.
Energy flows will be presented in so-called Sankey diagrams thus presenting a clear view and giving an exact insight of the energy flows in the actual and new situation of the buildings. The buildings can be made energy neutral by applying the by In2Ecobuildings developed Center4Energy concept. It’s a flexible sustainable energy concept by which buildings can be provided sustainable energy production infrastructure. The advantages of the energy concept are:
a) It provides 100% sustainable energy.
b) It’s very flexible; new techniques can be added and old energy infrastructure is re-used as much as possible. c) All used techniques are proven, affordable techniques. Our ideas will:
a) Contribute to Eindhoven as a sustainable, fossil fuels free city, free from CO2 emissions
b) Contribute to make Eindhoven an energy neutral city at reasonable costs c) Will make innovation visible.

Type of ideacombination of product and service
Category of ideatechnical; design; financial
Enabling conditionsOur approach of making energy neutral reports and using the Center4Energy concept have been applied in several projects and proved tot work. The Center4Energy concept is now applied in a project of Natuurmonumenten in Utrecht, het Gemeenlandhuis project in Amsterdam, the Brigittenstraat 20 in Utrecht as well as several renovation projects of individual houses. If we carry out our ideas with other parties we hope they will do a good job. Experiences in the past have shown that contractors and installers/fitters often get into difficulties if the have to follow a different approach. This can screw up projects completely. We simply need permission of the city of Eindhoven to apply our ideas in their projects.

Stage of development

Proven innovation: it has been used in practice on a small scale.

Substantiation stage of development

Our approach is applied in 100-150 buildings eg
a) The energy neutral project of Natuurmonumenten at the rural estate of Haarzuilens in Utrecht.
b) The energy neutral project of the monumental Gemeenlandhuis in Amsterdam of Vereniging Hendrick de Keyser. Project.
c) The energy neutral project Brigittenstraat 20 for the Utrechts Monumenten Fonds in Utrecht.
d) The energy neutral renovation of individual houses on the Island of Texel in cooperation with Urgenda. This is a pilot project for Urgenda and will be applied in the rest of the Netherlands. It has shown that individual houses (< 150 m2) can be made energy-neutral for less than €30.000, - BTW included. A new project for 1000 houses is planned.

Provability contribution to sustainability

Proven contribution to sustainability; this has been shown in practice.

Step in the right direction

In2Ecobuildings realizes energy neutral and affordable buildings. This is exactly the ambition of the city of Eindhoven. In a second stage we could make energy producing buildings but this will ask a bigger investment of the City of Eindhoven.

Flexible idea

The Centrecan4Energy is an integrated flexible, hybrid concept and applies proven, sustainable and affordable energy technology. We can add new technologies and re-use old existing technologies. Basically it cannot have irreversible impact on the environment, even better, in our concept fossil fuels are completely excluded. We can reduce the CO2 emissions to zero.

Good investment

Financially: If every building is energy neutral, the buildings will generate their own energy, thus the energy bill will be € 0, -/year. This will save a lot of money for the city of Eindhoven. In case of netto energy producing buildings, the production of sustainable energy becomes a new source of income for the city of Eindhoven. Societally: If the city of Eindhoven manages to organize a home-grown sustainable energy production the city of Eindhoven will:
a) Contribute at a fossil-energy-free society with no CO2-emissions.
b) Will save a lot of money which can be used elsewhere.
c) Create new jobs.
d) By no longer funding the fossil energy industry create a more peaceful world.
Socially: Producing you own sustainable energy contributes to coherence in the Eindhoven community.


We hope the city of Eindhoven has a high ambition in this project. Energy neutral buildings are technically as well as financially possible. We have proven this in other projects. We would be grateful to apply our ideas in the municipality of Eindhoven and hopefully we 'll get a chance.

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