~~META: creator = Turner # Townsend, Sjoerd van Popering &description abstract = (ID:255) management..sustainable, energy-neutral, flexibly managed, attractive and inspirational city ~~ ====== (ID:255) management..sustainable, energy-neutral, flexibly managed, attractive and inspirational city====== ** Turner & Townsend ** \\ // Turner & Townsend is a leading global programme management and construction consultancy that supports organisations that invest in, own and operate assets. // ^ Address|Boeing Avenue 8, 1119 PB, Schiphol-Rijk, Netherlands | ^ URL|http://www.turnerandtownsend.com/ | ^ Contact|Sjoerd van Popering, Assistant Cost Manager, <[email protected]> | ^ Line of industry|Other, global programme management and construction consultancy | ^ Area of expertise|Sustainability; Maintenance, management & consultancy | ^ Size|more than 1000 employees | ===== Role of company/organisation===== Turner & Townsend is very keen and experienced as system integrator, who will take the 'innovators' and the employees of the municipality on board to create an optimum system solution for the pilot project regarding sustainable and optimisation of town hall and surrounding buildings. Our experience of working in complex programmes for local and global clients has given us good insight into the best ways of getting the balance between local management and stakeholders. ===== Opportunities for collaboration===== Our experience in working on major programmes and projects for global clients has enabled us to develop a number of services which specifically assist the municipality and innovators in 'system thinking. Turner & Townsend recognise that the success of our client programmes depends upon the effective management of interfaces between stakeholders working within the capital programme and the wider stakeholder team and customers remote from programme delivery. ===== Description of idea===== <WRAP box right minwidth:33%> <userpoll Rating> + ****** + **** + ** </userpoll> <WRAP centeralign> Please rate this idea! \\ Click on **Vote and view** to see the results. </WRAP> </WRAP> We will help you to contribute to Eindhoven as a sustainable, energy-neutral, flexibly managed, attractive and inspirational city. The following added value services available to Eindhoven can deliver a systems approach and viable business case to Eindhoven: ? Strategic level consultancy – interventions to drive performance; ? Programme Management - driving efficiency and return from groups of projects; ? Asset Optimisation – optimising assets to reduce real estate costs, reduce space requirements, facilitate new ways of working concept and generate capital receipts for reinvestment; ? Procurement Strategy – supporting development of the most appropriate procurement route: competitive dialogue to create an efficient and sustainable supply chain; ? Managing risk – to set a decision making framework that enables robust evaluation of key opportunities; ? CAPEX, OPEX, Life cycle estimating – maximising your return on investment over the lifecycle of a project; ? Performance measurement and monitoring – performance measurement systems and KPIs to monitor and measure improvements; ? Integrated project management and design (IPDM) – an experienced IPDM core team is assembled to meet the specific requirements of a project, meeting all design, coordination, and management criteria from project commencement to completion. Assisting Eindhoven in driving increased sustainability through its property portfolio: We have a range of services focussed upon helping property owners and occupiers to maximise the performance of their asset portfolios. We have many examples of where we have made a difference to our clients, helping to support environmental performance improvements across their property portfolios, with a focus upon resource reduction and saving money. Our added value services available to Eindhoven’s sustainability drive include: ? Portfolio Energy management – a sub product of environmental assessment; ? Asset efficiency – driving operational improvement; ? Cost management – to bring commercial tension to energy and resource efficiency; ? Reducing operational costs – particularly carbon reduction with optimal RoI analysis; ? Compliance with environmental legislation – to protect and enhance your brand equity. ^ Illustrating file|{{public:outline_proposals:subdata:proposals:illustrations:255-q24-call_for_outline_proposal_gemeente_eindhoven_20140123_final.pdf?400&direct|Call for outline proposal Gemeente Eindhoven 20140123 final.pdf}}| ^ Type of idea|service| ^ Category of idea|technical; work flow; financial| ^ Enabling conditions|The project will be successfull if we've got full commitment from the staff of the municipality of Eindhoven. The base principles / output specifications of the scope of works have to be very clear and confirmed by the municipality of Eindhoven. Turner & Townsend is very keen and experienced to support and establish the final scope of works. The current status of each building has to be measured. Therefore we will provide a Technical Due Diligence service. Turner & Townsend has deep capability on all these areas and are able to add value to your processes and objectives through local skills and experience combined with global know-how and a structured and value added approach. Key partners : EversPartners and KVMC.| ===== Stage of development===== Proven innovation: it has been used in practice on a small scale. ===== Substantiation stage of development===== Our experience in working on major programmes and projects for global clients has enabled us to develop a number of services which specifically assist our clients in ‘system thinking’. These service consultancy interventions to project level improvements. We've conclude our case studies in our proposal: - Birmingham City Centre Masterplan; - Excellence in Facilities Management in Birmingham; - Global FM Re-procurement Deutsche Bank; - Oxfordshire County Council : Property Services Re-design and Estate rationalisation; - International School of Eindhoven : Techinal Due Diligence service for lenders; ===== Provability contribution to sustainability===== Proven contribution to sustainability; this has been shown in practice. ===== Step in the right direction===== Our services have proven at the public authorities in the UK. We're very keen to show our experience in these projects and combine this with our local knowledge. A reference from Mayor of London, Boris Johnson: "This innovative procurement model has cut out all the time delays and hassles for public sector organisations. We have tested it... so we know it delivers the goods." ===== Flexible idea===== The idea is flexible and tailored solution. Our integrated solutions based on our global knowledge of best practice. Due to tailor made we can measure and monitor the Key Perfromance Indicators which are urgent by the municipality of Eindhoven. ===== Good investment===== Turner & Townsend refers to bid proposal. {{tag>public:outline_proposals:subdata:tags:all "public:outline_proposals:subdata:tags:contributions sustainable Eindhoven":"sustainable city" "public:outline_proposals:subdata:tags:contributions sustainable Eindhoven":"energy-neutral city" "public:outline_proposals:subdata:tags:contributions sustainable Eindhoven":"flexibility for government" "public:outline_proposals:subdata:tags:contributions sustainable Eindhoven":"attractive surroundings" "public:outline_proposals:subdata:tags:contributions sustainable Eindhoven":"visible innovation" "public:outline_proposals:subdata:tags:three principles":"quality in the long term" "public:outline_proposals:subdata:tags:three principles":"system approach" "public:outline_proposals:subdata:tags:three principles":"cooperation" "public:outline_proposals:subdata:tags:scope":"financing" "public:outline_proposals:subdata:tags:scope":"energy" "public:outline_proposals:subdata:tags:scope":"facility management" "public:outline_proposals:subdata:tags:scope":"services" "public:outline_proposals:subdata:tags:scope":"maintenance" "public:outline_proposals:subdata:tags:scope":"construction" "public:outline_proposals:subdata:tags:scope":"installations" "public:outline_proposals:subdata:tags:scope":"products suppliers" "public:outline_proposals:subdata:tags:stage of development":"proven innovation" "public:outline_proposals:subdata:tags:contribution to sustainability":"proven contribution"}}

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