~~META: creator = Stichting Slimbouwen, Monique Blacha &description abstract = (ID:242) how to transform buildings….FRED-aspects….smart building ~~ ====== (ID:242) how to transform buildings….FRED-aspects….smart building====== ** Stichting Slimbouwen ** \\ // Foundation to change the building proces with the goal to create more sustainable and transformable buildings // ^ Address|Hoofdvestiging: Einsteinbaan 1 (tevens ook locatie in Eindhoven), 3430 BC, Nieuwegein, The Netherlands | ^ URL|www.slimbouwen.nl | ^ Contact|Monique Blacha, Manager, <[email protected]> | ^ Line of industry|Consulting and Design services; Research; Other, innovative network | ^ Area of expertise|Design; Sustainability; Power generation and conversion, change management | ^ Size|1-10 employees | ===== Role of company/organisation===== The Slimbouwen- experts are able to advice in different areas of expertise: - how to transform buildings in a smart and sustainable way in line with the FRED-aspects (see point 8 for the explanation of FRED) - Change management Slimbouwen stands for a change in the building process that has an impact on the role of every partner in the building process. We’ve learned that due among other things the traditions in the sector, it’s necessary to support the partners in this process, in order to create the best result - Quality Control - Capturing results in usage of buildings. In order to improve the sector and its products, it’s crucial to collect data. With this data we can support the Living Lab principles. ===== Opportunities for collaboration===== Together we need to change the rigid culture in the building sector drastically. Slimbouwen and its followers, combined with the right and creative principal (opdrachtgever), have the power to change the sector! Slimbouwen is an open source philosophy, not a buildingsystem or a product. Therefore very partners in the process can implements his creativeness and expertise and combine this to achieve the best results. Slimbouwen is in a way a Supply Chain management system for the complex building process. We make sure that the expertise of the partners in the buildingprocess is implemented at the correct moment. Traditionally the buildingproces is designed in a way that the creative industry of suppliers only have a role at the end of the whole chain. ===== Description of idea===== <WRAP box right minwidth:33%> <userpoll Rating> + ****** + **** + ** </userpoll> <WRAP centeralign> Please rate this idea! \\ Click on **Vote and view** to see the results. </WRAP> </WRAP> The goal to preserve the buildings of Eindhoven in a smart way, can be achieved by using Slimbouwen (smart building) in this process. Together we can make Eindhoven an sustainable city! Slimbouwen is a vision designed y Prof. dr. Ir. Jos Lichtenberg, of the Eindhoven University of Technology. It’s developed as reaction on the damage and chaos the traditional building sector brings to our society due to aged systems. The time to complete a building is unnecessary long, costs are higher than needed and the delivered quality is mostly poor. In addition the building sector alone is responsible for 25% of all the transport, 35% of the waste and more than 40% of the energy consumption. Every new to build project is seen as an unique object. This makes it impossible to learn from previous mistakes in projects and to gain trust between the different partners in the building process. Slimbouwen proposes to stop with this idiotic process by simply resetting the building process. We build it back up again, with just four elements: the structure, the envelope, the installations and the finishing works. The partners in this new process will be combined in a team and inspired to strive for the optimal results not just for themselves, but for the principals, the users and the team. This is why Slimbouwen is an open source system and not a complete system or product. The Slimbouwen projects have specific characteristics. They are Flexible, reduce the footprint, are efficient en sustainable (Duurzaam). They are FRED. The smart projects we create, have the ability to follow every thinkable usage scenario and can therefore stand trough time. Due to the separation in the four elements, the products are separated on their lifecycle. We reduce our footprint by using lighter, smart materials, and reduce the transport, energy use and waste. We make the process more efficient and economical attractive for everyone in the new building process by working together. The design process is therefore integral, but the building process disintegrated. Slimbouwen stimulates the use of healthy materials and results in buildings that are very energy efficient or even deliver energy. Slimbouwen projects score very high in other sustainability systems like BREEAM NL and GPR. Slimbouwen does not stop by the delivery, but keeps in touch to results and to make sure the building functions. These data we use to improve every following building project. In conclusion: The ambition of Eindhoven is to invest in long-term innovation and quality that will contribute in a better, healthier living environment. Slimbouwen can help achieve this goal by making the buildings FRED. Together we can make the real estate portfolio of the city flexible and adaptive to coop with the changing society. By collecting data of usage we can contribute to the ambitions of the Living Lab. Traditions will be broken and by implementing the learning effect for the team and collected data, we can work towards benefits not just for one building, but on a bigger scale. ^ Illustrating file|{{public:outline_proposals:subdata:proposals:illustrations:242-q24-inspiration_slimbouwen.docx?400&direct|inspiration Slimbouwen.docx}}| ^ Type of idea|combination of product and service| ^ Category of idea|technical; design; work flow; financial| ^ Enabling conditions|The partners in the building process need to know the basic principles of Slimbouwen. We normally start every (new) team by explaining Slimbouwen and do a teambuilding activity. This way we create trust between the partners. Trust is the key in a good corporation. And we make sure that everybody has the same goal and vision in mind. These are the key ingredients. Slimbouwen is not just a philosophy, but also a creative platform (foundation), where the front runners can meet each other. They are the Slimbouwen participants and know the ins and outs of the Slimbouwen process and can therefore help by achieving the goals of Eindhoven.| ===== Stage of development===== Proven innovation: it has been used in practice on a small scale. ===== Substantiation stage of development===== Slimbouwen exists for almost 10 years. In this time over 50 projects have been realised that meet the characteristics of FRED. For example Kraanspoor in Amsterdam, De Rode Haan in Delft, the office of Solarlux in Nijverdal and most recently the Venco Campus in Eersel. For example: In the Venco Campus, the vision of Slimbouwen has been implemented from the start. The result is remarkable. The buiding has been built in a very short time, 30% under budget which gave the owner the possibility to invest in sustainable products and solutions. Besides the Slimbouwen-mark, this project has gotten the Koning Willem I achievement and has become the first official BREEAM Outstanding office in the Netherlands. Without Slimbouwen this would not have been possible. ===== Provability contribution to sustainability===== Proven contribution to sustainability; this has been shown in practice. ===== Step in the right direction===== Slimbouwen has a quality label which has been registered on the Milieulijst 2014 designed by the Dutch government. This list shows sustainable products that support making the living environment more sustainable. Besides this, the Slimbouwen buildings are very energy efficient (evidence based in het Dorp, Anrhem) and score very well in systems like BREEAM and GPR (for example Venco Campus is BREEAM Outstanding) ===== Flexible idea===== Slimbouwen is based on four elements, which results in the separation of products based on their lifecycle. Therefore the installations are always accessible and elements of the building can constantly be up-graded just like the software on a computer. By setting the principles of FRED central we make sure that the project is in harmony with the users and its environment. ===== Good investment===== Aplication of Slimbouwen has different profits, like reduction of energy use, reduction of waste and usage of materials. The high efficiency in Slimbouwen has interesting influences on the costs. The projects realized over the last years have (due to increased efficiency) shown great results for example: - 5% less building costs - 5-10% less costs of failure - 5% less costs in costs of the building site These are just some examples (source: Slimbouwen, by Jos Lichtenberg, 2004) The profit is reliant to each project and the participating parties. For example the project Venco Campus in Eersel has shown 30% decrease in total building costs. The project Venco Campus shows an even bigger profit of 30% instead of 25%. ===== Comments===== We are glad to see the high ambitions of Eindhoven. I hope that we have triggered your interest in Slimbouwen and will be invited to help achieve the goals! Together we build a better future! {{tag>public:outline_proposals:subdata:tags:all "public:outline_proposals:subdata:tags:contributions sustainable Eindhoven":"sustainable city" "public:outline_proposals:subdata:tags:contributions sustainable Eindhoven":"energy-neutral city" "public:outline_proposals:subdata:tags:contributions sustainable Eindhoven":"visible innovation" "public:outline_proposals:subdata:tags:three principles":"quality in the long term" "public:outline_proposals:subdata:tags:three principles":"system approach" "public:outline_proposals:subdata:tags:three principles":"cooperation" "public:outline_proposals:subdata:tags:scope":"services" "public:outline_proposals:subdata:tags:stage of development":"proven innovation" "public:outline_proposals:subdata:tags:contribution to sustainability":"proven contribution"}}

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