(ID:023) new building Products ... Cradle to Cradle

Trade and development in building industry with C2C and bio-based building materials, distributor / dealer / innovator.

AddressLidwinahof 16, 5801 JW, Venray, Nederland
ContactRichard de la Roy, info@eco-makelaar.eu
Line of industryConsulting and Design services; Manufacturer/Supplier
Area of expertiseConstruction; Sustainability, new concepts or new system
Sizeself employed

Role of company/organisation

Introduction of new Development or new Products for the building area based on Cradle to, Cradle Principles or Certified Products. Also werking on new Developments in the bio-based Economy (focus on building area). Have more thans twentyfive years Experience with buildingmaterials, also following a lot of Development abroad. Also have Network on local, national and international, levels, For example supplier, in Barcelona For Daylightsolutions or supplier, out of the U.K. and the U.S. Collaboration with other companies based on a projectplan or specific Development by sharing Knowledge, Network and expertise will help others and myselves to bring sustainable solutions to the market. Have soms specific ideas with concepts using C2C Certified or biobased materiaal.

Opportunities for collaboration

First of all, I collaboratie with Company in Barcelona (Espacio Solar) and wit supplier with distributors in Europe. So solutions and concepts could be introduced very easy towards, projectpartners. Making solutions available through the Network of companies and using local expertise can help adopting new innovative solutions. Sometimes customers, keep a certain distance between foreign companies. Making new connections, getting new Experience and insights, share idees or finding a platform to introducé new materials can help or contributie towards other Developments. Often see big companies with Developments For a special market, which also, could, be used by SME's or competitors, but they decide NOT to go For It. SME not always have the possibility to introducé new product on the market. Matching could Work.

Description of idea

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First of all bringing expertise together on daylightening can save extra energy, better performance and more quality to Work, people feel good, in areas with Daylights. Another innovative material is BIO-PCM, phase change materiaal to get more comfort in the building / Offices, reducing energybills and installations. Combine with Natural ventilation or use material to store temperature. ThermIQ to get workplaces comfortable, saving heat For example in evening hours. Not total building needed to be heated the moment only one person is working. Or no probleem with moisture. Also working on new biobased materials, like hempblocks or walls. Or a new Roofing element with phase change materials For reducing heatstress or the use of airco, but also lower temperature For rooms underneath or better performance of pv-panels. With plantbased roofingmaterials. Also ideas For new concepts, with combinations of these and other materials, all contributing to a better performance or comfort. But all materials are Sustainable, good quality and help on energysavings. Also lower CO-2 values. Eindhoven more Sustainable, more energy neutral too. Think that materials also can contribute towards making Innovations visible, for example combining the Daylights expertise of Spanish Company with developments with Philips. This needs to Be discussed with Company in Barcelona. Or the integration of BIO-PCM and ThermIQ in office / meetingrooms / shops or homes. Do also think in combining ThermIQ with energy of IRWES on several buildings. I'm also involved For soms developments with the Airey-wijk, by Brainport Development introducéd to me. Do have network within the Cradle to Cradle world. Also search For new innovative solutions and materials, abroad, which Will contribute to a more Sustainable world or City. Know the people of the C2C Bizz, C2C ExpoLab and most companies involved in the Netherlands and abroad by crossing the borders.

Type of ideacombination of product and service
Category of ideadesign
Enabling conditionsFirst of all, launching customer / pilotproject to start with. Collaboration by suppliers setting same targets, monitoring results by official institute. Maybe support to work out the needs of building regulations, other countries have other standaards. Need expertise in building fysicals, other Companies i need to Work with. Financial support is needed the moment new concept goes to, market, also if research needs to, be done by other parties. Design also can contribute to find other possibilities or markets. Stakeholders For probleem with heatstress or indoorclimate.

Stage of development

Speculative innovation: it has not yet been used in practice because it is in an idea stage and will need more development.

Substantiation stage of development

Some of the materials to be used are form suppliers, they've some testcases. But NOT done For area i do want to use It For. Also the combination of materials, isn't done by the manufacturers yet, their focus is different, sometimes budget For research is ment For their new Development. Depending on type of idee, i can give examples and or some testresults or research by universities, or students. Give one example which Brainport Development did use in their brochure, is My Storage Boxx with PCM-materiaal to store heat. Reason they did invite me For joining the project Airey-wijk. Still no real contribution to, project, but that will Be done in nearer Future.

Provability contribution to sustainability

Underpinned contribution to sustainability; this can be shown on the basis of experiments or calculations.

Step in the right direction

First of all, materiaal that, will Be used, are C2C Certified or Will Be Certified, also high quality of bio-based materiaal. Could also C2C and biobased material in one…. Saving energy, adding more comfort For customer or user. Some Products can Be used in domotica.

Flexible idea

The materiaal can Be upcycled, is designed to disassemble, has only save materiaal and low or no emmisions to environment. Can prove this by certificaat by suppliers.

Good investment

Can provide with examples by suppliers. Also by storytelling. Look at some examples on My website.


Like to contributie in project, think Network and Experience can give Eindhoven new dimensions on their way to become more and more Sustainable. The Natural Step, Cradle to Cradle and Bio-based building materials are in no conflict with eachother, all Will stimulate Innovations.

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