(ID:212) CO2 neutral data cable

Brand-Rex is a leading global supplier of structured cabling systems with a strong focus on sustainable (Carbon Neutral) manufactring

AddressFive, KY6 2RS, Glenrothes, United Kingdom
ContactJan-willem Hendriks, Business Development Manager, jhendriks@Brand-Rex.com
Line of industryManufacturer/Supplier
Area of expertiseDesign; Sustainability; ICT
Size251- 1000 employees

Role of company/organisation

Brand-Rex with over more then 40 years experience in manufacturing and from 2009 experienced in sustainable manufacturing and product development has build up some track records. There are already customers who used our expertise to make their own buildings more sustainable. We are convinced that Brand-Rex can have a positive contribution to the goals of Gemeente Eindhoven

Opportunities for collaboration

First we have lots of solutions who have real a impact on the carbon Footprint of a building. If it is not from les material usage perspective then it could be contributing to using less space I the infrastructure what is a saving on cable spaces what is not only a sustainable but also financial benefit. Secondly we could set our experience in to practise and give a second opinion of the physical design of the infrastructure. Our experience is that is always beneficial. third we are busy to convince the Breeam (DGBC) that cabling infrastructure has a impact on the carbon footprint of a building and therefore deserves a place in there auditing and should be awarded if chosen more carbon friendly.

Description of idea

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Using our solution will set the carbon footprint off the cabling infrastructure to 0 as Brand-Rex is a CO2 neutral data cable manufacturer. Further more we can discuss a role for Brand-Rex to recycle the old cabling infrastructure where we had a 95% recycle value off the last project done. With the right focus on the design choices can be made on the lowest impact e.g. carbon footprint fitting the needs of the gemeente Eindhoven. It would be really a great win if the project team considers to mention that any supplier must have his carbon foortpint available for the organisation and the products needed in the project. This should then also be taken in consideration as one of the weight values in the tender.

Type of ideacombination of product and service
Category of ideatechnical; design; work flow; financial
Enabling conditionsMost idea's can be fulfilled by our self's and proven by our test facility's in the UK. For other parts we need the end-user and possible a installer or waste management company to assist.

Stage of development

Proven innovation: it has been used in practice on a small scale.

Substantiation stage of development

Breeam Project in the Netherlands and international are. - Lely Industries Maassluis - Danone Lab Utrecht - York University (UK) - Datacentres – Cip De Noisiel (ministère Des Finances) - Emporia, Hyllie, Malmö - Essent DC (Recysling Urban Mining) - Le nouvel hôpital d'Orléans (France) Prices and nominations 2011 VIBES – Large Manufacturing – Winner 2012 Scottish Green Apple – Manufacturing 2012-13 International Green Hero Award 2012 Comms Expo – The Green Award 2012 UK Green Apple Awards – Winner 2012 Green Business Awards – Shortlist 2012 Skanska – Green Supply Chain – Shortlist 2013 Scottish Green Apple – Manufacturing 2013 VIBES – Energy – Winner 2014 - Eligible for entry to European Business Awards - Scottish Business Awards Nomination

Provability contribution to sustainability

Proven contribution to sustainability; this has been shown in practice.

Step in the right direction

A basic answer is that we have proven this in several projects where sustainability is Key. Brand-Rex is able to show carbon footprint and proof of his carbon neutrality and even also for the project if needed.

Flexible idea

We can supply addition information backing up that this is not a irreversible impact.

Good investment

Our solutions are not based on using less energy for the end user what should give a return off investment. Altough we have a solution what optimises air flow in Data Centres what at the end have a positive impact on the energy usages. Whar could be a business case possible to calculate if we have more information available. Our solution most be more seen on less impact on the nature and environment.


We are looking forward on a reply on the findings for our proposal.

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