(ID:021) application of renewable, sustainable, durable wood

Accsys Technologies
Accsys Technolgies has brought the wood acetylation process to a commercial plant that started to produce Accoya Wood in 2007. Accoya® is the world’s leading high technology long life wood. The Accoya® wood production process takes sustainably-sourced, fast growing softwood and enhances nature, creating a modified wood that matches or exceeds the durability, stability and beauty of the very best tropical hardwoods.

AddressWestervoortsedijk 73, 6827AV, Arnhem, Netherlands
ContactWillemJan Bluyssen, sales manager, willemjan.bluyssen@accsysplc.com
Line of industryManufacturer/Supplier
Area of expertiseSustainability, base material for multiple applications
Size51-250 employees

Role of company/organisation

Our role is to provide the renewable, sustainable and durable product Accoya® wood, bring manufacturers and suppliers together to deliver every specific application which can be used on the buildings of the city Eindhoven or in the landscape near to those buildings. We give access to all our research reports which could be necessary to design or develop the right product with the best sustainable and durable result. All certifications on Accoya® wood shell help to support and bring the buildings from the city of Eindhoven, Barcelona and Birmingham to a better sustainable and durable level, where even the investment together with very low maintenance gives unexpected benefit.

Opportunities for collaboration

By bringing wood working companies together with other suppliers, manufacturers and contractors we see that they will use our product in the most effective way which can result in new innovations on end product or modular systems. With these we foresee opportunities and benefit for those companies and for us to develop those innovations worldwide. Our website shows already reference projects worldwide with applications that where not common to do in wood before and also show new dimensions in wood. Next to the sustainability and durability it is the extreme dimensional stability that makes designers choose for Accoya® and Tricoya®.

Description of idea

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During your presentation in your city hall November 27 some ideas popped up and will not be necessarily result in applications with our product, but I think worthwhile to mention: 1. Those buildings are mostly in use during daytime. The energy consumption is likely to be the highest in winter time. Especially the high buildings have a great surface on the south side. I suggest to apply solar panels vertical on those south walls and not on a roof. The low sun in winter will provide energy. The high roofs can be used to place wind mills on. This exposure shows directly the people of Eindhoven how busy the city is with sustainable energy sourcing. 2. Carry out sustainability and durability by demanding to use as much as possible Cradle to Cradle certified products and in the landscape environment NL-Greenlabel products. 3. Renovating these buildings in the busy city center will bring up discussions how environmental friendly you could do those building activities. With BREEAM you are not only making the building durable and sustainable, but it also regulates your waste, site lay out, nuisance etc. 4. Replace all existing steel/alu windows with Accoya windows. Accoya windows can easily be made with the highest U-value (Passive House) as result and because of the DuBokeur certification on Accoya window frames it is possible to get subsidy following the MIA and Vamil regulations. You will help the recycling as it costs much less energy and prevents the use of the ending source bauxite than making new aluminum. Wood gives the people working in the buildings a better atmosphere and better climate. 5. Arrange more green around the buildings with the same result mentioned above. 6. Assume that you have 2500 employees and from those approx. 1000 are regular working from home. This affects very much how your buildings are used and how the traffic home-work should be sufficient. Buildings can also be used more in evening hours, so it is wise to organize which areas in the building are allowed to use with the best benefit of using the warmth that is generated during the day. 7. By working about 1000 employees from home the energy consumption goes from the building to the home addresses. Is that wise. This can result in tough discussions. The energy you save in the buildings should not be used by the employees at home.

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Type of ideaproduct
Category of ideatechnical
Enabling conditionsUsing wooden products in building applications needs a good corporation between us as Accoya wood manufacturer and the chosen manufacturers of the end products like windows, doors, cladding, shading systems and structural applications. With that it needs a good corporation between the product manufacturer and his supplier to ensure that the best possible result will be achieved. Such suppliers are hanging and fixing manufacturers, coating manufacturers and glue manufacturers.

Stage of development

Proven innovation: it has been used in practice on a small scale.

Substantiation stage of development

Idea 2 and 4 are proven around the world. Almost all reports are available on our website in the down load section. See: http://www.accoya.com/downloads/ . Accoya® wood is introduced in the market March 2007. It is modified wood using a process called wood acetylation which has been developed, tested and proven starting in the late 1920’s by wood scientists around the world. The other ideas can be developed with other specialized companies in the specific field.

Provability contribution to sustainability

Proven contribution to sustainability; this has been shown in practice.

Step in the right direction

Using wood, is already a big step forward in sustainability, because it's renewable. By using Accoya® wood it is even better, because with Accoya® you save tropical trees (need 120 up to 200 years to grow towards a dimension we like to have). Accoya® is made from radiate pine that is harvest in 30 years and results in modified wood that has a minimum lifetime expectation of 60 years in window frames. Next to the long lifetime guarantee it shows very low maintenance; with a good coating system it needs a new layer only ones in 15 years. This results in a very positive carbon footprint. Accoya® is from FSC or PEFC certified wood, is Cradle to Cradle Gold and has DuBokeur in window applications.

Flexible idea

Wood itself is flexible in its practice and with that Accoya®wood, because the modification process can be done on any fast growing wood species. Accoya® is nontoxic and therefore can be recycled 100% for any purpose. Already available is Tricoya®MDF made from Accoya® and with similar benefits. In the near future there will be Tricoya® available made from fibers modified in the MDF factory. Next to this there are multiple others wood products possible with Accoya® as substrate. Also shown and proven that very large structures are possible. For example the two heavy load traffic bridges over the highway A7 in Sneek.

Good investment

Several Dutch joineries are working together with maintenance companies which together have made comparisons between Accoya® and other products for windows in so called LCC calculations. These Life Cycle Cost calculations not only show how to save money, but also make clear that there is a more pleasant living environment through less disruptive maintenance. Investing in Accoya® also saves energy in heating the building as Accoya® itself has a high thermal isolation and together with new technics to make passive house windows the result is the best available.


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