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C2C ExpoLAB is a leading knowledge centre with specialty advisors enabling governments, architects, project developers and educators to accelerate innovation through the vision of Cradle to Cradle and circular economy. Our services include inspiration sessions, presentations, workshops, project support and specialist consulting.

AddressInnovatoren 6-A, Sint Jansweg 15, 5928 RC, Venlo, Netherlands
ContactBas van de Westerlo, Specialty advisor built environment & Cradle to Cradle certified Consultant, bas@c2cexpolab.eu
Line of industryConsulting and Design services
Area of expertiseConstruction; Sustainability
Size1-10 employees

Role of company/organisation

C2C ExpoLAB works across disciplines as part of the design team. In our approach we always seeks to the connection with the mission, vision and ambitions of the municipality of Eindhoven. We continuously inspire and seduce partners in the project to go beyond the traditional approach of ‘problem solving’ and minimizing negative impacts. By providing input to documents and plans we integrate the principles of sustainable innovation as an integral part of the entire plan. C2C ExpoLAB has a wealth of experience in taking the principles of sustainable innovation into practice. We are, therefore, in a position to offer unparalleled support to organizations ensuring the principles of sustainable innovation are effectively maximized from start to finish.

Opportunities for collaboration

In this project we see a great opportunity to challenge the market to come up with innovative, sustainable solutions. Not only partners in the project will be inspired and seduced to start innovation according The Natural Step, but also (local) companies and organizations are encouraged to start innovating. By doing so, the municipality can really show that Eindhoven is really the most innovative and smartest city in the world!

Description of idea

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Integrating Sustainable Innovation in Procurement, tenders and Programs of Requirements Raw materials are scarce and fossil fuels are finite. This of course, makes it only logical that we think careful about the energy and materials we use in our buildings. In procurements, tenders and programs of requirements, sustainable innovation is increasingly addressed as a condition, in specific approaches such as The Natural Step can be specified. This creates very interesting business opportunities for companies and organisations that are willing and able to distinguish in the field of sustainable innovation. Especially in the built environment, it is now more important than ever that organisations distinguish themselves in this market. As more and more clients need, but also recognize the added value of a sustainable approach, becomes sustainable innovation as the perfect key. By focussing on sustainable innovation, you raise the bar for others! Solutions that are realized through the strategic use of innovative sustainable approaches go far beyond the ‘traditional’ approaches of sustainability. Instead of looking for ways to reduce negative processes such as CO2 emissions, our approach is focusing on finding and increasing positive outcomes such as producing oxygen, or the generation of clean energy – which can be a source of income. Bottom line, sustainable innovation is not only socially and environmentally interesting, but also financial! Sustainable public procurement is all about taking environmental and social aspects into account during every stage of the procurement process. Together with local authorities, this government wanted to energize the market for sustainable products by taking the lead in adopting sustainable procurement practices. More and more projects required sustainabile, innovative and Cradle to Cradle (or equivalent) products and solutions, taking into account the total cost of ownership for a defined useful life. It is also specifies that products and materials are to be taken back by the supplier at the end of that time period. As a result, the circular approach has yielded significant financial benefits. With our approach, we are able to translate the ambitions of sustainability into tenders, procurement and programs of requirements; C2C ExpoLAB has the knowledge and experience that the ambitions of Eindhoven become reality! Strategy and tactics: • Involvement in formulating the sustainability ambitions, and integrating these into the procedures • Consulting on procedures, ensuring sustainable innovation become part of the tender documentation • Assessment of initial offers based on the procurement protocol • A role in the selection committees • Providing assistance in cooperation with architects, engineers and other stakeholders The greatest gain is the fact that more companies will be inspired and seduces, they can set an example to others. This shows that Eindhoven is the most innovative and smartest city in the World! By doing so, Eindhoven is able to encourage innovation within the (local) market. In particular we see opportunities for the ambitions 'Eindhoven as sustainable city' and to a lesser extend 'Einhoven energy neutral', 'creating value for Stadhuisplein' and 'Making innovation visible'. This idea fits seamlessly in the scope of the project.

Illustrating file20140113 Grootste Gat in de Markt voor 2014 Duurzame Innovatie - BNL.pdf
Type of ideaservice
Category of ideadesign; work flow
Enabling conditionsTo include sustainable innovation as an integral part the project, some conditions are required. Enough credits has to be awarded in the tender documents to distinguish innovative and sustainable innovations with others. Second, goals and desired results of the project are key. So it is essential that the ambitions of Eindhoven are translate into measurable, well defined goals, within a given period of time, regarding sustainable innovation. Last, take total cost of ownership into account. Take both the short as longer term into account.

Stage of development

Proven innovation: it has been used in practice on a small scale.

Substantiation stage of development

Sport complex Venlo: Because C2C and sustainable innovation were specified in the tender, companies came up with there visions to contribute to the ambitions of the client. C2C ExpoLAB helped the design team to translate the ambitions of the client into practical and measurable actions and results. By applying our approach, the design with the best contribution to the ambitions is selected. Another example is the new City Hall Venlo. This project is a perfect example of how a well-executed approach of sustainable innovation can also make a significant positive difference to the financial bottom line. Over the time period of 40 years, the Venlo municipality will have realized a return on investment of around 17 million euro. C2C ExpoLAB was involved as C2C advisor.

Provability contribution to sustainability

Proven contribution to sustainability; this has been shown in practice.

Step in the right direction

Were many 'traditional' approaches are seeking to minimize the harm we inflict, eco-effective approaches reframes design as a beneficial, regenerative force – one that seeks to create ecological footprint to delight in, not lament. It expands the definition of design quality to include positive effects on economic, ecological and social health. This is a framework for going beyond conventional sustainability and designing for abundance. We strive for doing things good, rather than less bad.

Flexible idea

This idea fits seamless in the flexible approach of the project Slim Verduurzamen Gemeentegebouwen. Continuous quality improvement is essential, so we can quickly response to developments in the market. With an eco-effective approach, we strive to a positive footprint, rather than to reduce our negative impact we inflict.

Good investment

C2C ExpoLAB required a complete furnishing solution that contributed to a healthy and comfortable working environment. Naturally, the products offered had to comply with the Cradle to Cradle principles at the highest level and preferably be included in the offer as a service. All elements of the furnishing concept have been leased, with fees determined based on the functionality of the product. Because of the manufacturers retaining ownership of the products and taking the products back at the end of the lease period, they are incentivized to think about reusing as many of the nutrients as possible. This in turn stimulates innovative product development, and also improves business models. For C2C ExpoLAB, this structure worked out 31% cheaper than if the products had been purchased


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