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Imtech Building Services B.V.
technisch dienstverlener, duurzame installatietechniek.

AddressFurkapas 1, 5624 MD, Eindhoven, Netherlands
ContactPeter de Jong, Salesmanager, peter.dejong@imtech.com
Line of industryContracting; Consulting and Design services; Maintenance services; Real estate
Area of expertiseDesign; Sustainability; Power generation and conversion; ICT; Maintenance; Installations
Sizemore than 1000 employees

Role of company/organisation

Imtech is an organization with years of experience in technical installations. We are used to develop and execute this type of large projects. Imtech is able to perform in a rol as coordinating maincontractor, but also as a subcontractor under the responsibility of a coordinating maincontractor. Imtech is able to work with a traditional installation advisor, but we also have experience with Design & Construct, where the responsibility of the design also is placed with Imtech. After the realization of the project it is Imtech's ambition to maintain the technical installations for a long period of time. On the long term this must lead to benefits for the customer (Eindhoven) in cost efficiency, sustainability and comfort.

Opportunities for collaboration

Imtech has experience with a large number of the technical installations of the buildings of the city of Eindhoven. For several years Imtech is responsible for the maintenance of the technical installations. We can share this knowledge with the other members of our develop team in the design of the concept and the actual realization. This will increase the chances to make this project successful. Another small, but important factor: Imtech has her own office in Eindhoven (Green Building) situated at the furkapas. To ensure that te design and realisation is kept as lean as possible, this office can act as the perfect base for our team.

Description of idea

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Imtech Climate Research Imtech Climate Research (ICR) is a method that is especially developed to efficiently describe and resolve problems with the indoor environment of an office building in a sustainable way. Why ICR? On the average, 24% of the dutch employees have complaints of the indoor environment of their office. In most cases, it is possible to improve the indoor environment. This will lead to higher employee satisfaction and productivity (10-15%). This is an extra argument to improve the sustainability of office buildings, not only to be 'green' but also to reduce the rate of absence amongst their own employees. This helps Eindhoven in improving 'Eindhoven sustainable city', 'creating value for stadhuisplein' and 'making innovation visible'. ICR consists of 3 parts: 1. Employee research 2. Building research 3. Advisory report Through a survey under the employees problems and complaints are being described and mapped out. As a result of this, not only the problems of the 'usual complainers' are specified: with the result of the survey, the real problems can be tackled. The building research will focus on the biggest problems that come forward of the employee research. In the building research Imtech will analyze the building and technical installation systematically. With the knowledge of the employee survey Imtech searches for risk factors and possible causes of the most important complaints, therefore not the entire building needs to be analyzed. When performing the building research not only the technical installations are being analyzed; also the construction, the interior en the use of facilities effect the indoor environment. What is the result of Imtech Climate Research In a detailed report, the City of Eindhoven will get information about: - The pattern of complaints of the building; which complaints are in which part of the building and how are the complaints related to other office buildings in the Netherlands. - The causes of the complaints: How is the result of the building research related to the complaints of the employees. - Measures to reduce the complaints. Sustainable and green solutions that reduce or remove the complaints will be calculated. - Advices made to measure: After a meeting with the city of Eindhoven, we together decide which measures have the highest return, taking into account the terms and conditions of the building and technical installations, the available budget and the expected payback period.

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Type of ideaservice
Category of ideatechnical; design; financial
Enabling conditionsImtech is able to execute the Imtech Climate Research independent. If some of the solutions for problems which came out of the building research need assistance of specific contractors, Imtech could coordinate this. We could also do this together with other contractors who also participate in this tender. To do the people research, we need the collaboration of the employees in the different buildings to fill in a questionnaire.

Stage of development

Proven innovation: it has been used in practice on a small scale.

Substantiation stage of development

Since 10 years, Imtech is working following the steps of the Imtech Climate Research. We did the Imtech Climate Research for DSM, Amgen, Bio-Imaging and the city of Amsterdam. Sometimes the problems were solved with minor adjustments like adjusting vents, sometimes the solution was more fundamental, like engineering a new solution for the indoor environment or relocate the interior of an office floor.

Provability contribution to sustainability

Proven contribution to sustainability; this has been shown in practice.

Step in the right direction

Almost every solution that is designed to improve the indoor environment of an office building, contributes in sustainability. When renovating a building the goals always is higher insulation and lower energy costs. But the Imtech Climate Research is not only performed as a method to be more sustainable in a 'green' way. It also means higher satisfaction of employees, lower sick rate and adjusting your buildings to continue to be used for many years. The life span increases which is one of the base principles of improving sustainability of real estate.

Flexible idea

The solutions for the problems identified in the Imtech Climate Research are often very diverse, because not one problem is the same. Therefore this concept is highly flexible. Imtech designs every project with a goal to improve sustainability. If a possible solution for a problem is harmful for the environment (for example: more cooling capacity because of complaints), Imtech will consult the city of Eindhoven. We then present the 'harmful' option and the more sustainable option. If the sustainable option is more expensive, we will give an estimation of the pay back time.

Good investment

A good, sustainable indoor environment is a good investment because: - The productivity of the people who work in the office building raises with 10 to 15%*. - The sick rate decreases with 2.5% procentpunt * - The costs of the investments are very diverse, therefore we cannot guarantee pay back times in this stage. * ISSO/SBR Praktijkboek Gezonde Gebouwen, Cahier A3, “Binnenmilieu, productiviteit en ziekteverzuim”

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