(ID:128) making dedicated analyses…..energy-consumption

To Improve
Consultant Energy efficiency / Climate systems

AddressPilgrimstraat 13, 6851 ML, Huissen, Netherlands
ContactTheo van Oossanen, Owner / Consultant, to@toimprove.nu
Line of industryConsulting and Design services
Area of expertiseSustainability; Installations
Sizeself employed

Role of company/organisation

To Improve is familiar with the buildings. For most off the buildings To Improve allready made energy-analyses. To Improve could have a role in the analyses of results by the project

Opportunities for collaboration

To Improve can offer an contribution in describing how the building / the installations perform by making dedicated energy-analyses

Description of idea

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By making dedicated analyses there will be a better understanding of the actual energy-consumption. This helps to find optimal measurements for energy-savings, but it will give also an useful contribution is making innovation visible.

Illustrating fileISSO Thematech Het analyseren van energieverbruiken.pdf
Type of ideaservice
Category of ideawork flow; financial
Enabling conditionsThere has to be “detailed” energy-metering (energy-use of the building each hour)

Stage of development

Proven innovation: it has been used in practice on a small scale.

Substantiation stage of development

By making dedicate energy-analyses, followed by dedicated measurements, there has been relevant energy-savings in a number of buildings in Eindhoven: - Stadhuis; - Abbemuseum; - Stadskantoor; - DWZI; - Parktheater

Provability contribution to sustainability

Proven contribution to sustainability; this has been shown in practice.

Step in the right direction

The realised and reported energysavings in a number of buildings in Eindhoven

Flexible idea

It is only a method to recognise possible measurements and, afterwards, reporting results

Good investment

The costs for making energy-analyses are very low: about € 1.000 - € 2.500 each building. In all buildings the costs for making energy-analyses, followed by saving-actions, the savings were higher then the costs for making the energy-analyses.

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