(ID:113) Software….Synergetic Project Information Network

Connecting Projects BV
Software: Connecting Projects from different buildingpartners to a Single Point of Truth

AddressTongelresestraat 127, 5613DD, Eindhoven, Netherlands
ContactHarald Krijger, Managing director, haraldkrijger@connectingprojects.com
Line of industryManufacturer/Supplier; Research; Real estate
Area of expertiseDesign; Construction; Sustainability; ICT; Maintenance; Installations
Size1-10 employees

Role of company/organisation

Connecting Projects developed SPIN (Synergetic Project Information Network): software with 2 targets: - local installed: internaly for a company to organize its information and to gather it in a project dashboard so it gives a 'Single Point of Truth' in the company (saving time and resources). This Single Point of Truth is published on the web and can be used internaly and/or externaly. - Combine the Single Points Of Truth from the different projectpartners to a Single Point of Truth for the whole project. (reducing failure costs by about 10% of project costs) and make it the Single Point of Truth for maintaining the building.(saving time, and improving knowledge) Result: One Truth, less time searching, less waist, less effort, lest costs, more information.

Opportunities for collaboration

Connecting projectpartners is core business for us. Reducing costs and reducing waist (of effort, time and material) is important for every individual company. By combining the individual advantages in a project it leads to a joint advantage for the project and thereby to an advantage for the principal. Integrating information, knowledge leads to better, improved products. Its a typical win-win situation

Description of idea

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1. Sustainability: sustainable information leads to better oversight and better decisions and less waist. 2. Energy: oversight of building information (use of energy) shows you the quick wins and which building needs improvements 3. Supporting governance in Transition: Better overview of building property, quality, size of given spaces makes changing organisations easier. 4. Sharing knowledge is a booster for innovation.

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Type of ideacombination of product and service
Category of ideatechnical; work flow; financial
Enabling conditionsa mindset of cooperation for principal, for participants and especialy for the teamleader who organises the building proces

Stage of development

Proven innovation: it has been used in practice on a small scale.

Substantiation stage of development

Pilot for SPIN was: - building a 36.000 m2 building in 1 year - ambition Breeam-excellent - without main contractor - started by a single self employed person - using SPIN - and the growing team of freelancers result: - Build as promised (within time, less costs) - Breeam: Outstanding : first of its type in Europe - failure costs about 2-3% of building costs (instead of usual 10-15%) - Energy delivering building - SPIN is now used for building maintance SPIN concept is thereby proven for continuous use in all fases of a building's life

Provability contribution to sustainability

Proven contribution to sustainability; this has been shown in practice.

Step in the right direction

In obtaining the Breeam-certificate you need to prove credibility with written evidence and lots of building data which already had been made.: Because documents are easy to track and reffered to (unique ID's), proving credibility is easy.

Flexible idea

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Good investment

Pilot: Venco Campus Eersel SPIN helped combining individual selfemployed people to form a topteam. They took a unusual aproach: - transparancy in finance, clear agreements (fixed prices on fixed deliverables, on hour-costs, profit percentages, surcharges etc but not a whole fixed priced for one lot), This helped partners to think different: not in delivering as little as possible for a fixed price, but in cooperation and adding value for money. if a building costs 100, than a Breeam excellent building would cost about 130, this was realised for 95. The building delivers more energy than it self uses. By uniting input of all participating partners lots of innovations where applied and when needed developed. (more innovations than max awarded by Breeam) Local partners where prefered


A project is realised by a team and not by an individual. A set of good individuals need good tools to be a good team. The tool is only to enable: in itsself it is nothing. The team made the result: SPIN enables individual experts to form a team: an expertteam.

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