{{indexmenu_n>100}} ====== Call for Outline proposals ====== {{ :start:eindhoven_buildings_schema.png?direct&250|}} //The smart way towards sustainable municipal buildings// At the [[public:exploration_days:start]] a "Call for Outline Proposals" was launched. This call focused on gathering innovative ideas in order to determine the appropriate scope of the project and to enrich future tenders. Following the web-based call for outline proposals, Eindhoven received nearly 200 ideas and profiles of interested parties. By making the ideas accessible, Eindhoven facilitates a match-making process between submitters of the ideas (the so-called innovators) and parties that could make use these ideas in their proposals to be submitted in the tender phase (the so-called system integrators). The outline proposals can be explored through the pages below, but can also be accessed through the menu on the left side of this page. * [[public:outline_proposals:full_list_of_proposals]] * [[public:outline_proposals:search_proposals]] * [[public:outline_proposals:companies]] * [[public:outline_proposals:results_call_for_outline_proposals]]

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