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 +====== Call for Outline proposals ======
 +{{  :​start:​eindhoven_buildings_schema.png?​direct&​250|}}
 +//The smart way towards sustainable municipal buildings//
 +At the exploration days a "Call for Outline Proposals"​ was launched. This call focused on gathering innovative ideas in order to determine the appropriate scope of the project and to enrich future tenders.
 +Following the web-based call for outline proposals, Eindhoven received nearly 200 ideas and profiles of interested parties. By making the ideas accessible, Eindhoven facilitates a match-making process between submitters of the ideas (the so-called innovators) and parties that could make use these ideas in their proposals to be submitted in the tender phase (the so-called system integrators).
 +The outline proposals can be explored through the pages below, that can also be accessed through the pagelist on the left side.
 +  * [[public:​outline_proposals:​results_call_for_outline_proposals]]
 +  * [[public:​outline_proposals:​full_list_of_proposals]]
 +  * [[public:​outline_proposals:​search_tags]]
 +  * [[public:​outline_proposals:​companies]]
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