Theme Sessions

Collaboration and exploring new paths together are important aspects of the ‘The smart way towards sustainable municipal buildings’ project. The aim is to achieve optimum bundling of expertise and strengths coupled with collaboration between parties based on a shared vision. The themesessions on the MME were held to give the parties involved the opportunity to exchange their thoughts on one or more of the project’s key challenges and explore possible solutions with each other and with the municipality.

The Theme Sessions were organised on the following subjects:

  1. How can we sharpen the selection criteria?
  2. How can you effectively exploit energy-exchange in this project?
  3. How can you incorporate the city centre in the sustainability assignment?
  4. The circular economy
  5. Should the role of the main contractor change in an innovative cooperation? Why and how?
  6. How can you respond to long-term change in the use of the buildings?
  7. How can the parties contributing to this project use the project to position themselves?
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