{{indexmenu_n>400}} ====== Matchmaking Event ====== {{:public:matchmaking:beeld-poster_klein.jpg?direct&300 |}} The Matchmaking event (MME), organized on April 2 in the Evoluon in Eindhoven, was set up to actively encourage and facilitate partnerships (consortia) between the various parties involved in the "Smart way towards sustainable municipal buildings" project. The aim was to achieve optimum bundling of expertise and strengths coupled with collaboration between parties based on a shared vision. The informationpackage that was provided can be found {{:public:matchmaking:140331_mme_informatieboek_eng_lq_def.pdf|here}}. (The Dutch version you can find {{:public:matchmaking:140331_mme_informatieboek_lqwebsite_def.pdf|here}}). ~~CL~~ ===== Video impression of the event ===== <WRAP centeralign> {{url>http://www.youtube.com/embed/6N7K6WUo6EA 80%,450px}} </WRAP> \\ ===== What was on the agenda? ===== ++View the full programme ... | {{ :public:subdata:images:140331_programma_mme.png?direct&700 |}} ++ ==== Pitches ==== [[pitch_videos|{{:public:matchmaking:pitch.jpg?nolink&100 }}]] "Ideas providers" or "Proposers" - parties who have submitted an idea as part of the "Call for outline proposals" - were given the opportunity to give a short pitch presentation. This was an effective way for everyone attending to become acquainted with many different ideas, as well as those who have submitted them, in a relatively short space of time. Video recordings of the pitch presentations and more information about the pitches are presented on the -> [[pitch_videos]]-page. ==== Speed dating ==== [[speeddating|{{:public:matchmaking:speeddate.jpg?nolink&100 }}]] All participating parties could establish contact with other parties and hold informal exploratory discussions about collaborating on this project through speeddate sessions. If you want to contact the participating parties of the MME, their contact information can be found here -> [[speeddating]]. ==== Theme sessions aimed at the forming of partnerships ==== [[theme_sessions|{{:public:matchmaking:themasessie.jpg?nolink&100 }}]] A number of theme sessions were held to give maincontracters and consortium partners (risk-bearing parties in the procurement process) the opportunity to exchange their thoughts on one or more of the project’s key challenges and explore possible solutions with each other and with the municipality. The reports of the themasessions can be found here -> [[theme_sessions]].

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