Which buildings?

The Municipality of Eindhoven has included the following buildings in the ‘smart way towards sustainable municipal buildings’ project:

  1. Stadhuistoren
    (formerly GGD tower), Stadhuisplein 2
  2. Town Hall Eindhoven, Stadhuisplein 1
  3. Stadskantoor, Stadhuisplein 10
  4. Municipal building, Stadhuisplein 6
  5. Municipal building, Begijnenhof 8-14
  6. Mercado building, Smalle Haven 109
  7. Municipal building, Nachtegaallaan 15
  8. optional: Van Abbemuseum,
    Bilderdijklaan 10
  9. optional: Designhuis, Stadhuisplein 3

In addition to the renovation of the Stadhuistoren, a start is also made to introduce more sustainable management and maintenance of the municipal buildings in the area surrounding the Stadhuistoren (buildings 2 to 7 inclusive). For two buildings (buildings 8 and 9), inclusion in the project is optional.

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