Eindhoven aims to be an energy-neutral city by 2045. In order to achieve this, the municipality's own buildings have to become more energy-efficient and more sustainable. One of the buildings that will be renovated and made more sustainable in the short term is the Eindhoven Stadhuistoren ('Town Hall Tower'), formerly known as the 'GGD tower'. The plan is to complete the work by 2017.

Promoting sustainability the ‘smart’ way

The Municipality of Eindhoven sees the renovation of the Stadhuistoren as a unique opportunity to promote sustainable innovation and quality in the long term. ‘Improving sustainability the smart way’ involves more than just improving buildings individually. A start will also be made to introduce more sustainable management and maintenance of the municipal buildings in the area surrounding the Stadhuistoren. In the transition towards more sustainable buildings, the municipality uses the framework of The Natural Step.

Innovative procurement

A lot of sustainable technologies have already been developed but they are not being applied. One of the factors preventing their implementation is the traditional way of thinking and working when it comes to procurement and financing. In order to promote sustainability in a smart way, in this project the Municipality of Eindhoven is adopting an innovative approach to procurement, based on the following principles: a systems approach, quality in the long term and cooperation between different market partners.

More information

More information about the project 'The smart way towards sustainable buildings' can be found through the links below:

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