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{{indexmenu_n>300}} ====== How to work smarter? ====== The following basic approach is being adopted in order to make the municipal buildings in Eindhoven more sustainable in a smarter way((source: {{:public:subdata:documents:mappingthestateoftheart.pdf|Mapping State of the art}} of sustainable innovation and smarter procurement)): ===== Striving for quality in the long term ===== {{ :public:subdata:images:people_planet_profit_160x120.png?nolink|}} For sustainable building, a more integrated and holistic approach is needed; an approach in which it becomes logical for the different parties involved to choose quality in the long term and meet the needs of everyone. Investments in sustainable innovation and quality require a longer timeframe to enable return on investment. The ‘project scope’ of ‘The smart way towards sustainable municipal buildings’ is therefore 2045. In the transition towards more sustainable buildings, the municipality uses the framework of The Natural Step. ===== Taking a systems approach ===== {{ :public:subdata:images:system_approach_160x120.png?nolink|}} System Thinking can be defined as an approach to problem solving by viewing problems as part of an overall system. Thinking on a broad scale allows a faster adoption of sustainable technologies and long term business models. Therefore, in this project, the renovation of the Stadhuistoren is seen as part of a larger system, introducing the sustainable management and operation of several municipal buildings in the same area. ===== Enabling cooperation ===== {{ :public:subdata:images:cooperation_160x120.png?nolink|}} The complexity involved with developing system solutions for the long term requires the involvement and collaboration of many different kinds of stakeholders and professionals. Each delivering a unique added value, all working towards the same shared goal, while at the same time taking their different interests into account. In this project the Municipality is looking for this kind of cooperation, striving to achieve synergies, rather than using the competition between (market) parties.The Municipality of Eindhoven is playing a facilitating role in bringing about this cooperation.

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