{{indexmenu_n>75}} ====== Exploration Days ====== The project 'The smart way towards sustainable municipal buildings' started with two Exploration Days on the 27nd of November and the 2nd of December, 2013. More than 350 interested parties were informed about the project, the tender process and how to take part. At the exploration days a [[public:outline_proposals:outline_proposals]] was launched. This call focused on gathering innovative ideas in order to determine the appropriate scope of the project and to enrich future tenders. The information package in English can be found here {{:public:subdata:documents:explorationdays_informationpack.pdf| Exploration days informationpack}} {{ :public:subdata:images:exploratiedagen.jpg?direct&700 |}} Below you will find the sheets of the presentations, the information-package and the list of participants in Dutch. * [[http://www.eindhoven.nl/web/file?uuid=71eb8ec2-a92d-49c5-b68d-8c5515f7c005&owner=e4ce69a8-6570-4b06-9919-2009e2927cdd&contentid=74116|Information package ‘The smart way towards sustainable municipal buildings’]] * [[http://www.eindhoven.nl/web/file?uuid=20f71371-5dfc-4a42-9683-95980c1b4392&owner=e4ce69a8-6570-4b06-9919-2009e2927cdd&contentid=74119|Sheets Exploration Days]] * [[http://www.eindhoven.nl/web/file?uuid=22f97e67-3f26-447b-9d88-70f85335468f&owner=e4ce69a8-6570-4b06-9919-2009e2927cdd&contentid=74336|List of participants Exploration Days]] ===== FAQs ===== All questions (and answers) asked during the project ‘The smart way towards sustainable municipal buidings’, can be found through the following link (only available in Dutch): {{:public:subdata:documents:overzicht_vragen_slim_verduurzamen_gemeentegebouwen_09012014.pdf|Vragenoverzicht Slim verduurzamen gemeentegebouwen}} Do you currently have any questions about the project, please send an email to: <[email protected]>.

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