{{indexmenu_n>650}} ====== European cooperation ====== In 2012 the Municipality of [[http://www.speaproject.eu/en/cities/eindhoven|Eindhoven]] joined the European project ‘Smart Procurement European Alliance’ (SPEA), together with partner cities [[http://www.speaproject.eu/en/cities/birmingham|Birmingham]] and [[public/european_cooperation/barcelona]]. In the **SPEA** project the three cities work together on the challenge to accelerate the adoption of innovative sustainable technologies through smarter procurement. The first phase of the SPEA project has already been completed with the publication of the report: {{:public:subdata:documents:mappingthestateoftheart.pdf|Mapping State of the art of sustainable innovation and smarter procurement}}. Further information about SPEA can be found on the [[http://www.speaproject.eu/ | SPEA website]]. {{:public:subdata:images:73623_fullimage_logo-spea_160x120.jpg?direct&200 |}}{{:public:subdata:images:73625_fullimage_european_commission_logo_160x120.jpg?direct&200 |}}

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