====== Barcelona ====== {{ :public:subdata:images:spea_eec.png?300|}} ===== PIN ===== //"Prior Indicative Notice" (PIN) of SPEA Project ([[http://www.speaproject.eu/en/cities/barcelona|Barcelona]])// This project aims to incorporating innovative solutions to improving energy efficiency in 10 municipal libraries in Barcelona. Will take place within a 2 +2 years a total budget ranging between € 500,000 and € 833.330. If you are a company, especially a SME, and can provide innovative solutions within the following areas of performance art: * Monitoring * Regulation and control * Air Condition fusing * Lighting * User Awareness * Convex * Water consumption * Office * Others Present your innovative solutions information proposal by completing the attached form and sending it to <[email protected]> You can find more information on the project website SPEA: www.speaproject.eu As this is a pilot project that will serve as reference for future municipal activities, we are interested to know more about innovative market solution in Energy Efficiency. ===== Process ===== //The SPEA process in Barcelona City Council will be as follows:// ==== PHASE I: Phase identification of innovative solutions in the EE ==== * Publication Prior Indicative Notice (PIN) to invite companies to present innovative solutions in the EE. The deadline is June 30, 2014 * Preparation of list of innovative solutions in the field of related categories. ==== PHASE II: Phase Procurement for management efficiency ==== * Tender (Call - competition of ideas) * Assessment of international expert jury * Selection of three finalists under motto (Anonymous) * Negotiation with the three finalists. Be encouraged to include innovative solutions from the list of Phase I (as solutions, not companies) * Final Award

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