“Prior Indicative Notice” (PIN) of SPEA Project (Barcelona)

This project aims to incorporating innovative solutions to improving energy efficiency in 10 municipal libraries in Barcelona. Will take place within a 2 +2 years a total budget ranging between € 500,000 and € 833.330.

If you are a company, especially a SME, and can provide innovative solutions within the following areas of performance art:

  • Monitoring
  • Regulation and control
  • Air Condition fusing
  • Lighting
  • User Awareness
  • Convex
  • Water consumption
  • Office
  • Others

Present your innovative solutions information proposal by completing the attached form and sending it to

You can find more information on the project website SPEA:

As this is a pilot project that will serve as reference for future municipal activities, we are interested to know more about innovative market solution in Energy Efficiency.


The SPEA process in Barcelona City Council will be as follows:

PHASE I: Phase identification of innovative solutions in the EE

  • Publication Prior Indicative Notice (PIN) to invite companies to present innovative solutions in the EE. The deadline is June 30, 2014
  • Preparation of list of innovative solutions in the field of related categories.

PHASE II: Phase Procurement for management efficiency

  • Tender (Call - competition of ideas)
  • Assessment of international expert jury
  • Selection of three finalists under motto (Anonymous)
  • Negotiation with the three finalists. Be encouraged to include innovative solutions from the list of Phase I (as solutions, not companies)
  • Final Award
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