{{indexmenu_n>625}} ====== Call for tenders ====== //CALL FOR TENDERS PUBLISHED ON TENDERNED.NL// {{ :start:eindhoven_buildings_schema.png?direct&250|}} On July, 16, the call for tenders ‘The smart way towards sustainable municipal buildings’ has been published on the Dutch tender website ‘TenderNed’. The call and relevant documentation can be opened through the link: [[https://www.tenderned.nl/tenderned-web/aankondiging/detail/samenvatting/akid/362674f6a855da62eabd6a2043557eaf/cid/425360|tenderned-web/aankondiging/detail/samenvatting]] Due to a system’s error, the call doesn’t contain correct information with respect to the time schedule for submission of questions and applications and the applied requirements and selection criteria. The correct information will be found in the uploaded Selection document. The call will be rectified asap. The call covers the selection phase of a competitive dialogue procedure. This phase aims at selecting 5 competent suppliers to start a dialogue with, preceding the final tender phase. The call is published in Dutch. A translation into the other European languages is made available by the tender website of the EC www.ojeu.eu. The relevant documentation will be made available in English and uploaded to TenderNed at short notice.

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